BSO Suite of Services

The following Services are available within BSO:

  • Report Wages to Social Security

    Allows you to send W-2s and W-2cs to Social Security either by uploading a specifically formatted electronic file or by directly keying W-2s and W-2cs in an online form. Allows you to view the processing status, errors and error notices for wage files and/or wage reports submitted by or for your company. In addition, a one-time 15-day extension of the deadline for resubmitting wage data can be requested.

  • View Name and Social Security Number Errors

    Allows you to view the processing status, errors (including Name and Social Security Number mismatches), and error notices for wage files and/or wage reports submitted by or for your company.

  • Social Security Number Verification Service

    Allows you to complete an online form or submit specifically formatted files to request verification of names and Social Security Numbers of employees of the company for which you work or the company that has hired you to perform this service.

    Proper Uses of Social Security Number Verification Service:
    • Social Security will verify Social Security Numbers (SSNs) solely to ensure that the records of current or former employees are correct for the purpose of completing Internal Revenue Service Form W-2 (Wage and Tax Statement).
    • Do not use the service to verify SSNs of potential new hires or contractors.
    • Company policy concerning the use of SSNVS should be applied consistently to all workers; for example:
      • If used for newly hired workers, verify information on all newly hired workers.
      • If used to verify information on other workers on your database, verify the information for all workers on the entire database.
    • Third party use of SSNVS is strictly limited to organizations that handle annual wage reporting responsibilities for employers and have an authorized and valid contract to do so. SSNVS is not for individuals/companies who conduct identity verification, background checks or other related services for employers or other parties.
    • Anyone who knowingly and willfully uses SSNVS to request or obtain information from Social Security under false pretenses violates Federal law and may be punished by a fine or imprisonment, or both.
    • Social Security will advise you when a name and SSN you submitted does not match our records.
      • This response does not imply that you or your employee intentionally provided incorrect information about the employee's name or SSN.
      • This response does not make any statement about your employee's immigration status.
      • This response is not a basis, in and of itself, for you to take any adverse action against the employee, such as laying off, suspending, firing, or discriminating against the employee.
      If you rely only on the information SSA provides regarding name and SSN verification to justify adverse action against a worker, you may violate State or Federal law and be subject to legal consequences.
  • Internet Representative Payee Accounting Service

    If you are an employee of a Representative Payee organization, you may file the SSA-6234 accounting form electronically.

    Organizational representative payees may use Business Services Online to submit their accounting form. Users may download and print their submitted form for up to 30 days after submission.