Work Incentive Coordinators

The Denver Region is committed to providing accurate and timely information about work incentives available to beneficiaries of Social Security administered disability benefits.

The Denver Region Area Work Incentives Coordinators (AWICs) will manage and coordinate work incentive training, public outreach and service programs in their respective states:

Colorado and Wyoming: The AWIC is Katrina McManus. Katrina may be reached by phone at 866-206-7656 (ext 14468), or by e-mail.

Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Utah: The AWIC is Thomas Sprunt. Thomas may be reached by phone at 866-690-2075 (ext 19506), or by e-mail.

Ticket to Work Program

Most Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability beneficiaries will receive a "ticket" they may use to obtain vocational rehabilitation, employment or other support services from an approved provider of their choice to help them go to work and achieve their employment goals. The Ticket to Work Program is voluntary. More information about the Ticket to Work Program may be found at and .

Plan for Achieving Self-Support (PASS)

A PASS is a tool to help beneficiaries of Social Security administered disability benefits work or increase their work. Basically, a PASS is a self-financed plan for your future. Many people receiving disability benefits want to work, and you may be one of them. But, maybe you need to go back to school before you can get a job. Or, maybe you want to start your own business. Whatever your work goal may be, a PASS can help you reach it.

Normally certain income or assets prevent or reduce SSI payments. A PASS lets you set aside money and/or other things you own to help you reach your goal. Your goal must be a job that will produce sufficient earnings to reduce your dependency on SSI payments. A PASS is meant to help you acquire those items, services or skills you need so that you can compete for an entry level job in a professional, business or trade environment.

The Denver Region has specialists who can answer your questions about the PASS. You can contact these PASS specialists at 1-800-772-1213.

To view and/or print a PASS application, click here.