Wage Reporting

The Denver Region's Employer Service Liaison Officer (ESLO) is Yvonne Candelaria. She welcomes your questions on completing, reporting, reconciling, or correcting Form W-2 reports. Yvonne can also assist you if your report is returned for any reason or if your report is out of balance with your Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form 941 deposits.

Please contact the IRS for assistance with forms that are filed with the IRS, such as forms 945, 1098, 1099, or W-2G. The IRS toll-free telephone number is 866-445-7438.

Yvonne Candelaria can be called at 303-844-0839. Her fax number is 303-844-4280, and she can also be reached by e-mail. Yvonne's mailing address is:

Yvonne Candelaria, ESLO
Social Security Administration
Denver Regional Office
Rogers Federal Building, Suite 06-145
1961 Stout Street
Denver, CO 80294

State Tax

This table lists all Denver Region State Tax Authorities. [Disclaimer]

State State Income Tax Special Format Required
Colorado Yes No
Montana Yes No
North Dakota Yes No
South Dakota No N/A
Utah Yes No
Wyoming No N/A