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Committee on Economic Security


Unpublished CES Studies

pen nib   Volume VI. Social Insurance
There were 10 volumes of unpublished studies produced by the staff of the Committee on Economic Security (CES). This is Volume VI, focused on social insurance in general and its philosophical and conceptual roots, as well as the broad political and social issues underlying the move toward social insurance.
A. Constitutional Issue

Discussion of Constitutionality of Possible Federal-State Plans for Unemployment Insurance and Old-Age Pension – Thomas H. Eliot

Memorandum on the Constitutionality of the "Social Security Bill" – Office of Attorney General

Constitutional Aspects of Social Insurance – Alexander Holtzoff

Memorandum on Constitutionality of the Straight National Old Age Insurance and Unemployment Insurance Scheme – Barbara N. Armstrong

Legal Basis of Compulsory Unemployment Insurance – James Harrington Boyd
B. Financial Aspects

The Financing of the Economic Security Program – Joseph P. Harris
C. Federal-State Relationships

Federal-State Relationships – James Perry Clark
D. Insurance and Savings

Report on Life Insurance with Special Reference to Industrial Insurance -- Edward Berman

Factual Report: Insurance -- Ralph B. Harris

To What Extent Does Life Insurance Function as a Savings Institution to Meet Need for Security? -- Ralph B. Harris

Summary of the Trend of Savings Through Life Insurance, 1929-1938 -- Ralph B. Harris

The Volume of Savings in the United States, 1926-1933 -- Martha D. Ring

The National Income, Estimated National Gross Income, and Gross Income for Selected Industrial Divisions, 1929-1932 -- Wilbur J. Cohen

The Concept of National Income -- Wilbur J. Cohen

The National Income, 1929-1932 -- Report of the Department of Commerce to Senate Resolution No. 220

The Average Weekly Incomes of American Wage Earners -- Martha D. Ring
E. Survivors' Insurance

American and European Provision for Survivors': The Pension and Beneficiaries -- Olga S. Halsey
F. Invalidity Insurance

Analysis of American Data Showing Invalidity Below 65 -- Olga S. Halsey

Invalidity Insurance: American and British Experience with Recommendation -- Olga S Halsey
G. Workmen's Compensation

Workmen's Compensation -- S. Kjaer

Need for and Existing Situation of Workmen's Compensation for Employees of Common Carriers Engaged in Interstate Commerce -- Olga S. Halsey
H. Provisions for the Physically Handicapped

Economic Security for the Physically Handicapped -- International Society of Crippled Children

Memorandum Concerning the Interests of the Physically Handicapped -- Oscar M. Sullivan
I. Security for Agricultural Workers

The Economic Security Program in Relation to Farm Operators and Employees -- Dr. Louis H. Bean

Economic Security of Farmers and Agricultural Workers -- Josiah C. Folsom

The Program of Committee on Economic Security on Farmers and Farm Laborers -- William T. Ham

Agricultural Workers and Farmers in Foreign Social Insurance Systems -- Constance A. Kiehel

Standards for Insurance for Agricultural Workers Contained in the Draft Conventions of the International Labour Office -- Olga S. Halsey

Agricultural Workers in Foreign Unemployment Insurance Schemes -- Natalie F. Jaros
J. Economic Reform and Security Proposals

The Deane Plan -- Wilbur J. Cohen

Background of the Deane Plan -- G. Reginald Crosby

The Deane Plan -- G. Reginald Crosby

The Deane Plan -- John N. Webb

The Douglas Theory -- From The Economics of Unemployment by J.A. Hobson

Retailers' Economic Security Plan -- Committee of the National Retail Dry Goods Association

Possible General Approaches to the Problem of Economic Security -- Edwin E. Witte
K. Miscellaneous Studies

The Meaning of the Term "Social Insurance" -- Wilbur J. Cohen

Responsibilities of a Unified System of Insurance Against Loss of Earnings -- Barbara N. Armstrong

Social Insurance: Its Place in a Program of Economic Security -- Barbara N. Armstrong

Security Against Social Hazards -- Seward C. Simons

Social Insurance Authorities Abroad -- Martha D. Ring

Social Insurance in France -- Martha D. Ring

Social Insurance in Italy -- Wilbur J. Cohen

Social Insurance System in Soviet Russia -- Wilbur J. Cohen

Legislation in New Zealand Directed Toward Economic Security -- Marianne Sakmann

Legislation in Australia Directed Toward Economic Security -- Marianne Sakmann

Relief Expenditures in Foreign Countries -- Congressional Joint Committee on Internal Revenue Taxation

On Unification of Social Insurance -- Dr. Lutz Richter

Statement concerning the Effect of the Social Security Bill Upon States Rights -- Economic Security Staff

Memorandum Concerning the Total Cost of the Social Security Bill -- Economic Security Staff

The Social Security Act and Sales Taxes -- Edwin E. Witte

Why the Social Security Board Should Be in the Labor Department -- Edwin E. Witte

Statement Concerning the Report of the Committee on Social Legislation of the Business and Advisory Council of the Department of Commerce

Security for the Blind -- Wilbur J. Cohen

Endorsements of the Wagner-Lewis Bill

Endorsements of the Social Security Act

Considerations on Social Insurance -- William R. Williamson
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