Health Information Technology (Health IT)

Health IT Partners

Health IT provides benefits to more than just health care providers and hospital systems. Attorneys and representatives who assist disability claimants can encourage medical providers to submit their clients’ evidence directly to us via Health IT. Disability applicants can ask their medical providers if they participate in Health IT exchange with Social Security. We encourage you to help spread the word.

Full Partner List

As of 4/29/24 there are 248 partner organizations with 41,177 participating providers. See the Full List of Health IT Partners.

Examples of Partner Success Stories

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC)

"It was an honor to participate." – Dr. John Halamka, CIO

Cedars-Sinai Health System

“It has been a pleasure working with the SSA. This interface is a win-win for our patients and for us.”
– Darren Dworkin, CIO and Senior VP of Information Systems


"For our patients getting coverage more quickly is a huge benefit."
– Terri Ripley, Director of Systems and Programming

Group Health Cooperative

“This was a logical next step for us” – Don Lewis, Chief Technical Officer

Guthrie Health

“The federal government’s involvement paved the way for secure exchange of records.”
– Candice Tofts, Director of Medical Records

Indiana Health Information Exchange/Regenstrief Institute

“This is a real example of the kind of efficiency promised by HIT”
– John Kansky, President & CEO
"Everybody wins.”
– Dr. William Tierney, CEO, Regenstrief Institute

Inland Northwest Health Services (INHS)

"Streamlining the [disability determination] process is a wonderful idea that is benefiting the public."
– Nancye Lahue, Director of Meditech Department, Complimentary Systems and Government Project for IRM, the technology division of INHS

Kaiser Permanente

"Health IT provides the right information for the right patient at the right time."
– Seth Selkow, Director of HIE Engagement

Marshfield Clinic

"This initiative is growing."
– Steve Warren, Director of Health Information Management

Martin Health System

“Loved the project plan SSA developed.” – Susan Moore, Clinical Applications Analyst


"I absolutely felt like every ounce of effort we were putting in was being matched by our partners at SSA."
– Michael Matthews, CEO

MemorialCare Health System

“Seamlessly exchanging clinical summaries facilitates the adjudication of disability claims and is a major patient satisfier.”
– Harris R. Stutman, MD, Executive Director Clinical Informatics

New Mexico Health Information Collaborative

"Everyone shared a great sense of accomplishment."
– Mark Butler, IT Project Manager

Oregon Community Health Information Network (OCHIN)

"This project is the clearest case of ROI of any IT project I’ve been involved in.”
– Mike Matull, Data Integration and Interface Team Manager

Sentara Healthcare

“The interaction with SSA is seamless, and very efficient.” – Marion Swaim, Sentara’s VP of Health Information and Finance Administration

SSM Health

“It really proves the value of electronic information exchange” – Dr. Richard Vaughn, CMIO

United States Department of Veterans Affairs

“…this partnership allows Social Security and VA to share the Veteran’s health information electronically in minutes.”
– Dr. David Shulkin, Under Secretary for Health