March 3, 1999

House Passes House Joint Resolution 32, the Social Security Guarantee Initiative

On March 2, 1999, The House of Reprentatives passed H.J.Res. 32, the Social Security Guarantee Initiative, by a vote of 416 to 1. The resolution expresses the sense of the Congress that the President and the Congress should join in undertaking the Social Security Guarantee Initiative. This initiative would strengthen the Social Security program and protect the retirement income security of all Americans for the 21st century in a manner that:

  • ensures equal treatment across generations to all Americans, especially minorities and other low-income workers;
  • recognizes the unique obstacles that women face in ensuring retirement, disability, and survivor security and the essential role that the Social Security program plays in protecting financial stability for women;
  • provides a continuous benefit safety net for workers, their survivors, their dependents, and individuals with disabilities;
  • protects guaranteed lifetime benefits for current retirees and those nearing retirement; and
  • does not increase taxes.