Legislative Proposals to Congress

Reports to Congress (Recurring)

Activities to Prevent Fraud and Improper Payments Report (FY 2019)

Agency Annual Overpayment Waivers Report (FY2022)

Agency Annual Performance Plan

Agency Financial Report (Formerly Agency Performance and Accountability Report)

Agency Operating Plan

Agency Strategic Plan (ASP)

Annual Rep Payee Site Review Report (FY 2023)

Annual Report on Section 234 Demonstration Projects

Budget Justification for Appropriations Committees

CDR Waiver Letter to Congress (FY 2023)

Cooperative Disability Investigations (CDI) Units Expansion Progress Report (FY2022)

Improper Payments Elimination and Recovery Act Remediation Plan (2020)

Medical CDR Report (FY 2017)

No FEAR Act Report (FY 2022)

OASDI Trustees Reports

OIS Report (FY 2021)

Plain Writing Act Compliance Report

Pre-effectuation Reviews -- Favorable State Disability Determinations (FY 2020)

Removing Social Security Numbers from Mailed Documents (FY 2022 - Final Report)

SSI Annual Report

SSI Redetermination Report (FY 2014)

SSI Nonwork Report (2022)

Work CDR Report (Calendar Year 2021)

Reports to Congress (One-Time/Periodic)

OLCA Congressional Update Newsletter

For additional information on legislation, you can use THOMAS, which was developed by the Library of Congress to make federal legislative information freely available to the public. You can access THOMAS at: http://thomas.loc.gov/.