Number: 105-4
Date: June 12, 1997



On June 10, 1997, the House Ways and Means Committee reported its recommendations to the Committee on the Budget for inclusion in an omnibus budget bill. The provisions adopted were in an amendment offered in the nature of a substitute by Chairman Archer and Human Resources Subcommittee Chairman Shaw. Provisions of interest to SSA are as follows:


  • Extends the current period for SSI and Medicaid eligibility from 5 years after entry to 7 years after entry for refugees, asylecs and noncitizens who have had their deportations withheld under section 243(h) of the INA.

Would be effective as if enacted in the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 (PRWORA).

  • Provides that noncitizens receiving SSI on August 22, 1996, would not have the PRWORA provisions apply relating to noncitizens' eligibility for SSI. Specifically included in this group of noncitizens that would be "grandfathered" would be Amerasian immigrants and Cuban and Haitian entrants.

Would be effective as if enacted in PRWORA (August 22, 1996).

  • Provides that noncitizenmembers of federally recognized American Indian tribes who are lawfully admitted for permanent residence may be eligible for SSI.

Would be effective as if enacted in PRWORA (August 22, 1996).

  • Provides that noncitizens who are ineligible for Medicaid, would be eligible for Medicaid if they receive SSI benefits and if the State's Medicaid plan provides Medicaid eligibility for SSI recipients.

Also provides that noncitizens who are otherwise ineligible for food stamps would not be made eligible for food stamps because they receive SSI.

Would be effective as if enacted in PRWORA (August 22, 1996).

Disabled Children

  • Extends current 12-month period (ending 8/22/97) to 18 months (ending 2/22/98) for redetermining the disability of children under age 18 under the new standards. Any child whose red.etennination is not done within the I8-month period is to be assessed under the new standards as soon as possible after the close of the period.

State Supplementary Payments

  • Increases fees for SSA's administering supplementary payments (currently $5 per check) under the following schedule: FY 1998--$6.20; FY 1999-$ 7.60; FY 2000--$7.80; FY 200 1--$8.10; and FY 2002--$8.50. Beginning FY 2003, fees would be indexed to increases in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) or such different rate as the Commissioner determines would be appropriate for the State.

Amounts of fees collected in excess of $5 per check would be available for SSA administrative purposes.

  • Repeals section 1618 of the Social Security Act that requires States with supplementary payment programs to pass through cost-of-living increases in the SSI Federal payment rate.

Would be effective upon enactment.