Number:  113-6
Date:  July 3, 2013

Senate Passes S. 954,
Agriculture Reform, Food, and Jobs Act of 2013

On June 10, 2013, the Senate passed S. 954, the Agriculture Reform, Food, and Jobs Act of 2013, by a vote of 66-27.  This bill is being held at the desk in the House for possible further action. 1

Following are provisions of interest to SSA:

  • Would require the Secretary of Agriculture to reconcile, at least twice each year, the Social Security numbers of all individuals receiving payments, whether directly or indirectly, under farm commodity programs, with the Commissioner of SSA to determine if the individuals are alive.
  • Would be effective upon enactment.
1 The House may or may not take up the Senate-passed bill.  The House failed to pass a similar bill, H.R. 1947, the Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management Act of 2013, on June 20, 2013.