Number:  112-20
Date:  September 12, 2012 

House Passes H.R. 538
The Government Customer Service Improvement Act

On September 11, 2012, the House passed by voice vote H.R. 538, the Government Customer Service Improvement Act.   

Following are provisions of interest to SSA.

  • Would require OMB to establish performance measures and standards that ensure agencies provide high-quality customer service and improved service delivery. 
  • Would require each Federal agency to collect customer information regarding the quality of customer services provided by the agency and include this information in its annual performance report. 
  • Would require each Federal agency to designate a customer relations representative for the agency.  The representative would be responsible for implementing the OMB customer service standards.  It would also require that the agency head issue guidelines to implement the standards and publish customer service contact information.  The agency would be required to post the guidelines and contact information on its public website.
  • Would require that compliance with customer service standards be included in Federal employee performance appraisals.