Number: 111- 53
Date: September 30, 2010

The Senate Passes S. 3789,
Social Security Number Protection Act of 2010

On September 28, 2010, the Senate passed S. 3789, the “Social Security Number Protection Act of 2010” by unanimous consent.

Provisions of interest to the Social Security Administration are described below.

Prohibition of Use of Social Security Account Numbers on Checks Issued for Payment by Governmental Agencies

  • Would prohibit the display of the Social Security account number, or a derivation of such number, on any check issued by a Federal, State, or local agency.  
  • Would be effective with respect to checks issued 3 years after the date of enactment.

Prohibition of Inmate Access to Social Security Account Numbers

  • Would prohibit any Federal, State, or local agency from employing, or entering into a contract for the use or employment of, prisoners in any capacity that would allow them access to the Social Security numbers of other individuals. 
  • Would be effective 1 year after the date of enactment.