Number: 111- 28
Date: December 17, 2009

House Passes H.R. 2847,
Jobs for Main Street Act, 2010

On December, 16, 2009, the House amended and passed H.R. 2847, the “Jobs for Main Street Act, 2010,” by a vote of 217 - 212. The Senate, which had previously amended and passed the bill on November 5, 2009, will likely take further action early next year.

Following are descriptions of provisions of interest to SSA.

Permanent Extension of Attorney Fee Withholding Procedures to Title XVI

•  Would permanently extend the Title II attorney fee withholding process to Title XVI. The current authority would expire March 1, 2010

•  Would be effective upon enactment.

Permanent Extension of Fee Withholding Procedures to Qualified Non-Attorney Representatives

•  Would permanently extend the fee withholding process to all non-attorney representatives who meet the following prerequisites: hold a bachelor's degree or have equivalent qualifications, pass an examination written and administered by the Commissioner, secure professional liability insurance or the equivalent, undergo a criminal background check, and complete continuing education courses. The current fee withholding demonstration project would expire March 1, 2010. (In effect, the current demonstration project would be made permanent without any changes in the current provisions.)

•  Would eliminate the requirement of final report on the demonstration project that would otherwise be due to Congress 90 days after the termination of the demonstration.

•  Would be effective upon enactment.

HHS Poverty Guidelines

•  Would require the poverty line for 2010, as calculated by the Department of Health and Human Services, to be no lower than the poverty line established for 2009. By holding the poverty line to a minimum of last year's level, the bill would prevent a reduction in income-related eligibility for the Medicare Part D Low-Income Subsidy program.

•  Would be effective upon enactment.

Refunds Disregarded in the Administration of Federal Programs and Federally Assisted Programs

•  Would exempt certain refunds received from Federally-funded programs from consideration as income, and from consideration as a resource in the month of receipt and the following 11 months. Specifically, the refundable portion of a child tax credit and reimbursement of COBRA * premium assistance would receive this consideration for SSI purposes.

•  Would be effective upon enactment.


* Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act. Under COBRA, individuals who lose their jobs are able to maintain employer-provided health insurance at group rates, provided that they also pay the employer portion of the premium. COBRA premium assistance, authorized under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, provides reduced premiums for individuals whose job ended involuntarily.