Posted: November 1, 2017

Open Government Major Initiative Update - Health IT: Social Security Expands Its Access to Electronic Medical Evidence

As of October 2017, SSA is partnered with 85 organizations, representing over 11,800 healthcare facilities that transmit secure medical records necessary for processing Social Security disability claims.


Social Security fosters transparency, participation, and collaboration in our programs and operations. We develop, implement, and track progress on plans to make SSA more open and accountable to the public. We identify information of great use to the public and work across organizational boundaries within the agency to make the information available in readily accessible formats. We also facilitate and encourage the use of emerging collaborative technologies to foster broader citizen participation in government business.

We develop and publish SSA’s Open Government Plan every two years – the first in June 2010. Our new Open Government Plan 4.1 includes several high-profile agency projects and initiatives that utilize Open Government principles and techniques to further the agency’s mission. They include our flagship initiative, the National Disability Forum, as well as Customer Engagement Tools, Data Exchanges, Analytics Center of Excellence, Work Incentives Planning and Assistance Programs, and Health Information Technology.

We encourage you to visit our Open Government website often to learn about our efforts and to follow our progress in implementing our plan. You may also share your thoughts or suggestions through email at We look forward to hearing your ideas!

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