Congressional Statistics: Disability Insurance for December 2014


Most DI beneficiaries in Hawaii are disabled workers

Pie chart showing total number of beneficiaries in Hawaii. Disabled workers: 23,174. Children: 4,519. Spouses: 431.

Average annual benefits compared to the poverty threshold

Bar chart. Average annual benefit for a disabled worker in Hawaii (estimated): $14,316. Federal poverty threshold for a working-age person living alone (U.S. Census Bureau): $12,316.

Total annual benefits

Outline map of Hawaii.

$0.4 billion

While Social Security is best known for providing retirement benefits, the program also provides Disability Insurance (DI) protection to workers and their families (spouses, minor children, and disabled adult children).

Number of Disability Insurance beneficiaries in current-payment status, average monthly benefit, and total monthly benefits, December 2014
Congressional district Number of beneficiaries Average monthly benefit (dollars) Total monthly benefits (millions of dollars)
Total Disabled workers Children Spouses Disabled workers Children Spouses
Hawaii 28,124 23,174 4,519 431 1,193 357 301 29.4
1 11,023 9,157 1,677 189 1,185 372 301 11.5
2 17,101 14,017 2,842 242 1,198 348 301 17.9
All areas a 10,931,092 8,954,518 1,827,619 148,955 1,165 349 315 11,120.2
SOURCES: Social Security Administration, Master Beneficiary Record, 100 percent data; and U.S. Postal Service geographic data.
a. Includes beneficiaries in the 50 states, District of Columbia, American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, and foreign countries.