State Assistance Programs for SSI Recipients, January 2002

South Dakota

State Supplementation

Mandatory Minimum Supplementation

Administration: Social Security Administration.

Optional State Supplementation

Administration: Department of Social Services. State-administered in local offices for assisted living and foster care home arrangements; state-administered in state offices for independent arrangements.

Effective date: February 1, 1975.

Statutory basis for payment: South Dakota Codified Laws Annotated 28-5A-1.


Administration: State funds.

Assistance: State funds.

Passalong method: Maintaining payment levels.

Place of application: Local offices of state Department of Social Services for individuals in assisted living facilities or in adult foster care homes. State uses information from the Social Security Administration to identify recipients who are living independently and have no other income.

Scope of coverage: Optional state supplement provided to SSI recipients who live independently and have no other source of income and to those who live in assisted living facilities or in adult foster care homes and who have net income less than the supplementation levels. Blind and disabled children who meet the income and resource limitations and live in assisted living facilities or adult foster care homes are eligible for optional supplementation.

Resource limitations: Same as federal.

Income exclusions: State disregards $30 of the federal SSI payment to recipients in assisted living facilities or foster care homes.

Recoveries, liens, and assignments: None.

Responsibility of relatives: None.

Interim assistance: State does not participate.

Payment levels: See Table 1.

Table 1. Optional state supplementation payment levels (in dollars)
Living arrangement Combined federal and state State supplementation
Individual Couple Individual Couple
Living independently a 560.00 832.00 15.00 15.00
Living in an assisted living facility b 1,019.00 c 474.00 c
Living in an adult foster care home b 795.00 c 250.00 c
a. Limited to SSI recipients with no other source of income.
b. Lesser amounts may be paid depending on cost of care in the facility. State provides an income disregard of $30 per month of the federal SSI payment.
c. Couples residing in these living arrangements are treated as individuals one month after leaving an independent living arrangement.
Living independently
Includes all recipients residing in a federal Code A or C living arrangement who are eligible for state supplementation and are not included under another state living arrangement.
Living in an assisted living facility or adult foster care home
Includes recipients residing in facilities or homes that meet state licensing or certification requirements and provide personal care environments (i.e., one that provides personal care and services in addition to food, shelter, and laundry to recipients who do not need skilled nursing care). Residents in personal care environments must be able to participate and cooperate in performing their normal activities of daily living even though they need some assistance.

Number of recipients: In January 2002, 3,601 people received optional state supplementation. Of those, 3,333 were living independently, 257 were living in an assisted living facility, and 11 were living in adult foster care.

State Assistance for Special Needs

State does not provide assistance for special needs.



Criteria: SSI program guidelines (Title XVI).

Determined by: Social Security Administration.

Medically Needy Program

State does not provide a program for the medically needy.

Unpaid Medical Expenses

The Social Security Administration obtains this information.