Children Receiving SSI, 2004

Table 12. Number and percentage distribution of children receiving federally administered SSI payments, by number of parents in the household, December 2004
Parents in household Number Percentage
of total
Total 992,690 100.0
No parents a 125,030 12.6
One parent 647,180 65.2
Two parents 220,480 22.2
SOURCE: Social Security Administration, Supplemental Security Record (Characteristic Extract Record format), 10 percent sample.
NOTE: The total of children with one or two parents in the household differs slightly from the number of children living in a parent's household in Table 7. This is because the data in Table 7 represent only households in which a parent is the head of the household, whereas the data in this table include children living with parents who are not the head of the household.
a. Children with no parents in the household reside independently, with other relatives or nonrelatives, or in institutions or foster care. Deeming does not apply in these situations.
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