SSI Recipients by State and County, 2012


Table 4. Number of persons receiving federally administered optional state supplementation, December 2012
Living arrangement State code Total Aged Blind Other
Adult Child
All recipients, Nevada   11,549 10,887 529 63 70
Living independently A 10,555 9,947 488 60 60
Living in the household of another B 646 607 33 3 3
Domiciliary care C 348 333 8 0 7
SOURCE: Social Security Administration, Supplemental Security Record, 100 percent data.
NOTE: The Social Security Administration reported expenditures of $6,587,000 for calendar year 2012 in federally administered payments to SSI recipients.
A: Living independently.
Includes aged and blind recipients who live in their own household or are in certified private medical facilities where Medicaid does not pay more than 50 percent of the cost of care. Also includes blind children under age 18 living in their parents' household.
B: Living in the household of another.
Includes aged and blind recipients residing in a federal Code B living arrangement.
C: Domiciliary care (aged and blind).
Includes aged and blind recipients who live in private nonmedical facilities or in residential facilities serving 16 or fewer persons that provide personal care and services and who are unrelated to the proprietor.
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