SSI Recipients by State and County, 2021

District of Columbia

Table 4. Number of persons receiving federally administered optional state supplementation, December 2021
Living arrangement State code Total Aged Blind Disabled
Adult Child
All recipients, District of Columbia   890 70 5 787 28
Adult foster care home A and B 543 37 (X) 502 (X)
Medicaid facility G 347 33 (X) 285 (X)
SOURCE: Social Security Administration, Supplemental Security Record, 100 percent data.
NOTES: The Social Security Administration reported expenditures of $4,415,000 for calendar year 2021 in federally administered payments to SSI recipients.
(X) = suppressed to avoid disclosing information about particular individuals.
A and B: Adult foster care home.
Includes recipients who are certified by the District of Columbia Department of Health Care Finance or the Commission on Mental Health Services as residents of an adult foster care home.
G: Medicaid facility.
Includes recipients residing in a federal Code D living arrangement.
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