SSI Recipients by State and County, 2021

New Jersey

Table 4. Number of persons receiving federally administered optional state supplementation, December 2021
Living arrangement State code Total Aged Blind Disabled
Adult Child
All recipients, New Jersey   166,618 33,974 849 109,850 21,945
Congregate care facility A 3,988 (X) 31 3,690 (X)
Living alone or with others B 132,466 24,069 635 87,469 20,293
Living alone with an ineligible spouse or essential person C 3,055 1,668 (X) 1,366 (X)
Living in the household of another D 22,331 7,291 145 13,630 1,265
Medicaid facility G 3,685 654 16 2,651 364
Residential health care facility I 1,093 (X) (X) 1,044 (X)
SOURCE: Social Security Administration, Supplemental Security Record, 100 percent data.
NOTES: The Social Security Administration reported expenditures of $76,270,000 for calendar year 2021 in federally administered payments to SSI recipients.
(X) = suppressed to avoid disclosing information about particular individuals.
A: Congregate care facility.
Includes recipients in:
  • Residential heath care facilities who are under the supervision of the Department of Human Services,
  • Residential facilities for children and adults under the supervision of or placement by the Division of Developmental Disabilities or the Division of Youth and Family Services and supervised or placed by the Department of Human Services, and
  • Assisted living residences and in comprehensive personal care homes licensed by the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services.
B: Living alone or with others.
Includes recipients residing in a federal Code A or C living arrangement who do not meet the definitions of other state living arrangements. Includes persons in:
  • The Transitional Residency Program when their placement is through the Division of Mental Health and Hospitals, Department of Human Services;
  • Room and board facilities licensed by the Department of Community Affairs; and
  • Persons in medical facilities who reside in a federal Code A living arrangement on the basis of their eligibility under section 1611(e)(1)(E) of the Social Security Act.
C: Living alone with an ineligible spouse or essential person.
  • Applies to recipients who live only with their ineligible spouse or their ineligible spouse and foster children.
  • Uses federal criteria. Recipient currently has an essential person living in the household and in December 1973 was receiving assistance under an approved state plan that covered the needs of an essential person.
D: Living in the household of another.
Includes recipients residing in a federal Code B living arrangement.
G: Medicaid facility.
Includes recipients residing in a federal Code D living arrangement.
I: Residential health care facility.
Includes facilities that have been approved by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA) and are either free-standing or attached to a nursing home, an assisted living residence, or a comprehensive personal care home approved by DCA.
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