Annual Statistical Supplement, 2016

Highlights and Trends

Social Security (Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance)

Employment and Earnings

Workers in OASDI covered employment, 2015 168.9 million
Average earnings, 2015 $45,908
Earnings required in 2016 for—  
1 quarter of coverage $1,260
Maximum of 4 quarters of coverage $5,040
Earnings test exempt amounts for 2016  
Under full retirement age for entire year $15,720
For months before reaching full retirement age in 2016 $41,880
Beginning with month of reaching full retirement age in 2016 Test eliminated

Program Data

Cost-of-living adjustment for December 2015 0.0 percent
Average monthly benefit, December 2015  
Retired workers $1,342
Widows and widowers, nondisabled $1,286
Disabled workers $1,166
Number of beneficiaries, December 2015  
Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance 60.0 million
Old-Age Insurance  
Total 43.1 million
Retired workers 40.1 million
Survivors Insurance  
Total 6.1 million
Widows and widowers, nondisabled 3.8 million
Disability Insurance  
Total 10.8 million
Disabled workers 8.9 million
Benefit payments, 2015  
Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance $886.3 billion
Old-Age and Survivors Insurance $742.9 billion
Disability Insurance $143.4 billion
Administrative expenses, 2015  
Old-Age and Survivors Insurance  
Amount $3.4 billion
As a percentage of total benefits paid 0.4 percent
Disability Insurance  
Amount $2.8 billion
As a percentage of total benefits paid 1.9 percent

Program Trends

Supplemental Security Income

Annual Payment Adjustments

Monthly federal benefit rate, effective January 2016  
Individual living in his or her own household $733
Couple with both members eligible $1,100
Cost-of-living adjustment 0.0 percent

Program Data

Federally administered payments  
Benefits paid in 2015 $55.0 billion
Number of recipients, December 2015 8.3 million
Average benefit, December 2015 $541.28
Federal SSI payments  
Benefits paid in 2015 $52.3 billion
Number of recipients, December 2015 8.1 million
Average benefit, December 2015 $525.72
Federally administered state supplementation  
Benefits paid in 2015 $2.6 billion
Number of recipients, December 2015 a 1.5 million
Average benefit, December 2015 $141.80
a. Includes almost 1.4 million persons receiving federal SSI and state supplementation and almost 0.2 million persons receiving state supplementation only.

Program Trends

Health Care

NOTE: The Medicare and Medicaid data formerly contained in this section of the Annual Statistical Supplement are now provided by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in its statistical compendium CMS Program Statistics (

Other Social Insurance Programs and Veterans' Benefits

Unemployment Insurance

Total payments, 2014 $34.6 billion
Weekly benefit amount (regular programs) $314.74
Duration of benefits 16.4 weeks
Weekly insured unemployment 2.6 million
Covered employment 134.8 million

Workers' Compensation

Benefit payments, 2014 $62.3 billion
Compensation payments $30.9 billion
Medical and hospitalization $31.4 billion
Benefits paid by—  
Private insurance carriers $34.4 billion
State and federal funds $12.9 billion
Employers' self-insurance $15.1 billion
Covered workers per month 132.7 million
Costs as a percentage of covered payroll 1.35 percent

Temporary Disability Insurance

Average weekly benefit, 2013  
State fund $466
Private plans $1,144
NOTE: Programs in effect in California, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Puerto Rico, and the railroad industry.

Black Lung Benefits

Basic monthly benefit to miner or widow $644
Maximum monthly family benefit $1,289
Part B (claims filed on or before December 31, 1973)  
Number of monthly benefits to miners, widows, and dependents, December 2015 12,948
Total benefits paid, calendar year 2015 $109.0 million
Part C (claims filed after December 31, 1973)  
Total benefits paid, fiscal year 2015  
Disability and survivors benefits $168.9 million
Medical benefits $25.7 million

Veterans' Benefits

Number of veterans with disability compensation or pension, 2015  
Service-connected disability 4,169,000
Nonservice-connected disability 295,000
Monthly payment in 2016 for—  
Service-connected disability  
10 percent disability $133
Total disability $2,907
Nonservice-connected disability (maximum payment)  
Without dependent $1,072
With one dependent and in need of aid and attendance $2,121

Poverty Data

Weighted average poverty thresholds, 2015  
Individual, aged 65 or older $11,367
Couple, householder aged 65 or older $14,342
Family of four $24,257
Percentage of population with income below poverty level, 2015  
All ages 13.5 percent
Children under age 18 living in families 19.2 percent
Persons aged 65 or older 8.8 percent