Links to SSI Spotlights -- 2024 Edition

What are the
SSI Spotlights?

These spotlights give you detailed looks at some of the program rules found in the booklet, Understanding Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

They are handouts to help you when you apply for and receive SSI benefits.

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Who may use the
SSI Spotlights?

We want the public to use the SSI Spotlights.

We encourage advocates to give them out to clients and to any other people or groups who can use them.

They provide more details than our general information pamphlets.


The information in these spotlights is general. Do not apply the information to a specific case.

You must contact us for specific case information.

Spanish Language Versions

We provide Spanish language spotlights in HTML format, the format we use for the English versions. To see the Spanish version, click on the "En Español" links shown in the chart below.   Or, from the English version, click on the "En Español" link shown in the upper left of the page. To get back to the English version , click on the "In English" link in the Spanish version.

Spanish versions of the spotlights are also available at Puntos Importantes de Seguridad de Ingreso Suplementario (SSI).


Please click on the link(s) below:

Supplemental  Security  Income  (SSI)  Spotlights
Rights and Responsibilities
Living Arrangements
Financial Institution Accounts
Burial Funds
Dedicated Accounts
for Children

Deeming Parental Income and Resources
Reporting Your Earnings
to Social Security

Electronic Wage Reporting Tools
Work Expenses

Special SSI Rule for
Blind People Who Work

Individual Development Accounts
Plan to Achieve

Property Essential to Self–Support
Transfers of Resources
Student Earned Income Exclusion
Payment for Travel to
Medical Exams or Tests

Getting SSI Benefits While
You Try to Sell
Excess Resources

Continued SSI Benefits for
Persons Who are
Temporarily Institutionalized

Special SSI Rules for
Children of Military Personnel
Living Overseas

Spotlight on SSI Benefits for Youth Who Are Blind or Have Disabilities in Foster Care Prerelease Procedure
SSI Benefits for Noncitizens
Continued Medicaid
Eligibility for
People Who Work:
Section 1619(b)

Interpreter Services
Income From The Arts
Windfall Offset
One-Third Reduction Provision Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Accounts