Understanding Supplemental Security Income SSI Home Page -- 2024 Edition

blank spacer blue arrowIntroduction
blue arrowInformation About the Social Security Administration
blue arrowSupplemental Security Income (SSI) Overview
blue arrowSSI General Information
blue arrowSSI Eligibility Requirements
blue arrowSSI Benefits
blue arrowSSI Resources
blue arrowSSI Income
blue arrowLiving Arrangements
blue arrowSSI for Children
blue arrowSSI Application Process and Applicants' Rights
blue arrowHow Someone Can Help You With Your SSI
blue arrowDocuments You May Need When You Apply For SSI
blue arrowIf You Have A Disability or Are Blind
blue arrowContinuing Disability Reviews
blue arrowSSI Work Incentives
blue arrowReporting Responsibilities
blue arrowSocial Security Notices and Letters
blue arrowRedeterminations
blue arrowOverpayments
blue arrowAppeals Process
blue arrowExpedited Payments
blue arrowRepresentative Payee Program
blue arrowSSI Eligibility and Other Government & State Programs
blue arrowSocial Security Entitlement Requirements
blue arrowTable of Links to SSI Spotlights
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blank spacer blue ballRights and Responsibilities
blue ballLiving Arrangements
blue ballResources
blue ballFinancial Institution Accounts
blue ballAchieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Accounts
blue ballBurial Funds
blue ballLoans
blue ballTrusts
blue ballDedicated Accounts for Children
blue ballDeeming Parental Income
blank spacerand Resources

blue ballReporting Your Earnings to
blank spacerSocial Security

blue ballElectronic Wage Reporting Tools
blue ballImpairment–Related Work Expenses
blue ballSpecial SSI Rule for
blank spacerBlind People Who Work

blue ballIndividual Development Accounts
blue ballPlan to Achieve Self–Support
blue ballProperty Essential to Self–Support
blue ballTransfers of Resources
blue ballStudent Earned Income Exclusion
blue ballPayment for Travel to
blank spacerMedical Exams or Tests

blue ballGetting SSI Benefits While
blank spacerYou Try to Sell Excess Resources

blue ballContinued SSI Benefits for Persons
blank spacerWho are Temporarily Institutionalized

blue ballPrerelease Procedure
blue ballSpecial SSI Rules for
blank spacerChildren of Military Personnel
blank spacerLiving Overseas

blue ballSpotlight on SSI Benefits for Youth Who Are Blind or Have Disabilities in Foster Care
blue ballSSI Benefits for Noncitizens
blue ballContinued Medicaid Eligibility
blank spacerfor People Who Work:
blank spacerSection 1619(b)

blue ballInterpreter Services
blue ballIncome From The Arts
blue ballHomelessness
blue ballWindfall Offset
blue ballThe One-Third Reduction Provision

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