Chapter 3Cash Retirement and Auxiliary Benefits

Table of Contents


300. Retirement Insurance Benefits
301. Entitlement to Retirement Insurance Benefit
302. Amount of Retirement Insurance Benefit
303. When are retirement benefits NOT payable (or only partly payable)?
304. Do your retirement insurance benefits end when you die?


305. When is a spouse entitled to spouse's insurance benefits on the worker's Social Security record?
306. Spouse Defined
307. Common-Law Marriage
308. How does a divorce affect your marital status?
309. What is the effect of violating State-imposed restrictions on remarriage?
310. If there are several conflicting marriages, which one is valid?
311. When are you entitled to divorced spouse's insurance benefits?


312. What does having a “child in care” mean?
313. What does “parental control and responsibility” mean?
314. What does “personal services” mean?
315. When does a parent NOT meet the in-care requirements?
316. Can a parent meet the in-care requirements while temporarily separated from a child?
317. Can a parent meet the in-care requirements during a separation from a child because of employment?
318. Separation Due to Child's School Attendance
319. Can a parent meet the in-care requirements when separated from a child because of illness?


320. Spouse's Insurance Benefit
321. When are spouse's insurance benefits not payable?
322. When do spouse's and divorced spouse's insurance benefits end?


323. Who is entitled to child's insurance benefits?
324. Who is a “child” for Social Security purposes?
325. When can a dependent grandchild or step-grandchild be considered the grandparent's “child”?
326. Legitimacy of a Child
327. Legitimated Children
328. Can a child NOT meeting the State law test in section 326 or 327 be considered the child of the worker?
329. Legally Adopted Children
330. Inheritance Rights of 'Equitably Adopted' Children
331. Stepchild-Stepparent Relationship
332. Can a child qualify as the stepchild of an invalid marriage?


333. Does a child have to be dependent on the worker to qualify for benefits?
334. When is a child presumed “dependent”?
335. When is a child dependent upon a stepparent?
336. When is a child dependent upon a grandparent or step-grandparent?
337. When A Child Must Be Dependent Upon Insured Parent


338. Amount of Child's Insurance Benefit
339. When are child's insurance benefits NOT payable (or only partly payable)?
340. Termination of Child's Insurance Benefits
341. Can a child be re-entitled to benefits?
342. When do benefits end for a child who is attending elementary or secondary school?
343. What is an “educational institution”?
344. What does “full-time” mean?
345. When are benefits paid to a child who is not attending school?
348. Special Payments and Government Pensions