Table of Contents

1. Overview of the Social Security System
2. Becoming Insured
3. Cash Retirement and Auxiliary Benefits; Special Age 72 Payments
4. Survivors Benefits
5. Cash Disability Benefits and Related Disability Protection
6. Factors in Evaluating Disability
7. Figuring the Cash Benefit Rate
8. Who Are Employees?
9. Special Coverage Provisions
10. State and Local Employment
11. Are You Self-Employed?
12. Net Earnings From Self-Employment
13. Wages
14. Earnings Records and Tax Reports
15. Filing a Claim
16. Representative Payees
17. Evidence Required to Establish Right to Benefits
18. Reduction or Nonpayment of Social Security Benefits
19. Underpayments and Overpayments
20. Determinations and the Administrative Review Process
21. Supplemental Security Income
22. Black Lung Benefits
23. Other Benefit Programs
24. Health Insurance Protection (Medicare)
25. Medicare Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount
26. Extra Help with Medicare Prescription Drug Costs
27. Special Veterans Benefits