Failure to exhaust administrative remedies, jurisdiction of court, SSR 73-44c

Failure to follow prescribed treatment, SSR 82-59, SSR 87-06

Failure to timely file income tax return, correction of earnings record, self-employment income, AR 86-20(6)

Failure to timely pay contriubtions, interest assessment, SSR 73-56, SSR 73-55, SSR 74-30, SSR 75-28

Family care home, SSR 67-24

Family corporation, validity, SSR 66-31c, SSR 69-37c, SSR 73-12

Family employment, SSR 61-44, SSR 61-06, SSR 64-61c

Family employment, spouse, SSR 74-03a

Family maximum, SSR 62-07

Family maximum, constitutionality where illegitimate child involved, SSR 73-53c

Family maximum, dual entitlement, AR 97-1(1)

Family relationship:

acknowledgment of illegitimate child, SSR 61-64, SSR 72-32, SSR 77-23
adoption of adult child after worker's death, SSR 66-43
adoption of child after death of worker, SSR 61-46, SSR 65-11
annulment of divorce, SSR 65-56
annulment of marriage, SSR 69-01
change of domicile, validity of adoption decree, SSR 72-60
child born after death of worker, presumption of legitimacy, SSR 73-28
child in womb, SSR 60-09
common-law marriage, SSR 61-09
common-law marriage, validity after removal of impediment, SSR 72-26
common-law marriage under State law, SSR 71-04, SSR 79-23c
consanguineous marriage, SSR 68-62
continuation of valid marriage after subsequent bigamous marriage, SSR 62-36
court decree of paternity, SSR 69-56
deemed child of insured individual, SSR 68-49, SSR 68-29, SSR 70-22
deemed dependency of stepchild of invalid ceremonial marriage, SSR 77-01c
deemed marriage provisions, SSR 69-27a
disavowal of paternity, SSR 69-15, SSR 77-24
entitlement as spouse of deemed marriage and as widow, SSR 71-55
entitlement on more than one earnings record, SSR 83-23a
equitable adoption, SSR 61-30, SSR 63-50c, SSR 65-20c, SSR 66-45
exclusion of service in employ of parent, constitutionality, SSR 85-26c
foreign proxy marriage, validity, SSR 71-44
grandchild or stepgrandchild, SSR 73-41
illegitimate child, out-of-court settlement as acknowledgment in writing, SSR 68-54
illegitimate child, support requirement, SSR 77-02c, SSR 77-31
illegitimate posthumous child, SSR 68-22, AR 94-01(10)
inheritance rights from natural father, SSR 73-27
institution of adoption proceedings, SSR 65-18
interlocutory decree of adoption, SSR 61-18
legitimacy rebutted, sterility of alleged father, SSR 73-52c
legitimating acts by parents, SSR 62-53, SSR 68-21
legitimation of child under State law, SSR 65-36c, SSR 68-73, SSR 73-02
marriage between members of same sex, validity, SSR 78-11
marriage ceremony to solemnize relationship, SSR 74-10
marriage duration, failure to exhaust administrative remedies, SSR 75-24c
mother of worker's child, SSR 63-47
paternity action after death of alleged father, SSR 77-11
presumption of legitimacy of child, SSR 62-35, SSR 67-11
presumption of legitimacy of child, blood grouping tests, SSR 72-25
procedural defect in marriage, SSR 63-49, SSR 63-48
recognition of common-law marriage, Illinois, SSR 90-02c
recognition of common-law marriage, Missouri, SSR 89-11c
recognition of common-law marriage, Ohio, SSR 88-14
recognition of common-law marriage, Texas, SSR 86-13c
status of a concubine, Puerto Rico, SSR 88-07c
status of a deemed divorced wife, SSR 83-01a
stepchild, SSR 69-55
stepchild, deemed dependency, invalid ceremonial marriage, SSR 77-01c
stepchild, duration requirement, accidental death of worker, SSR 85-13c
stepchild, priority for underpayment, SSR 70-03
stepgrandchild, definition of child, SSR 83-38a
surviving spouse defined, SSR 67-55
underage marriage, validity, SSR 72-49
validity, State law, SSR 84-18
voidable marriage, effect of annulment, SSR 65-39, SSR 65-03a
widow and illegitimate child of decedent domiciled outside U.S., SSR 69-21a
wife of worker, SSR 62-57, SSR 67-10c

Farm operator, SSR 67-07

Farm operator, self-employment, nonproduction payment, SSR 72-47

Farm rental income, material participation, SSR 63-45c, SSR 64-25c

Federal census records as proof of age, SSR 67-38a

Federal Employers' Liability Act, railroad employee, filing a claim for workmen's compensation, SSR 72-42

Federal employment, determination by Federal agency, SSR 64-24c

Federal employment, determination by United States Postal Service, SSR 72-45

"Fee," State and local, Commissioner's ruling on definition, SSR 92-04p

Fees as wages, public officers or employees, SSR 69-61

Fees for services of attorney, SSR 62-47, SSR 65-33c, SSR 66-19c, SSR 67-54c, SSR 68-61, SSR 68-47, SSR 83-27, SSR 86-09c

Fees of public and deputy public administrators, wage status, SSR 72-36

Felonious homicide, SSR 60-06, SSR 65-25

Felonious homicide conviction, preclusion of benefits, SSR 75-25c

Felony conviction, SSR 83-21

Fiduciary, SSR 60-27, SSR 61-43, SSR 63-46, SSR 65-10

Filing for all benefits, SSR 76-02

"Final decision" defined, SSR 66-26

Finality of decision:

appeal from Administration's refusal to reopen prior final decision, SSR 77-28c, SSR 81-12c, SSR 84-10c
earnings record correction after time limitation, SSR 72-55c, SSR 72-54c
initial determination, SSR 71-02c
judicial review, appeal from Administration's refusal to reopen prior final decision, SSR 88-01c
new and material evidence of paternity, SSR 86-16a
reduction of benefits due to receipt of a lump-sum workers' compensation settlement, reopening for error of law, SSR 85-06c
referral of Social Security cases to U.S. Magistrates, SSR 76-14c
reopening for fraud or similar fault, recovery of erroneous payments, SSR 83-26a

Five-month waiting period, disability, SSR 85-20c


interest assessment for failure to timely pay contributions, SSR 73-56
workers' compensation, offset of wage loss benefits, SSR 93-01

Food and Agriculture Act of 1965 payments, SSR 67-42

Foreign countries, social insurance or pension systems, SSR 83-08, SSR 89-12

Foreign proxy marriage, validity, SSR 71-44

Foreign school, educational institution, SSR 67-51

Foster child, SSR 66-45, SSR 66-11

Fugitive felon, AR 06-1(2)

Full-time school attendance, SSR 67-51, SSR 67-49, SSR 68-69, SSR 68-14

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