Railroad Retirement Act:

compensation creditable as wages, SSR 61-25, SSR 62-14
disability earnings requirement, SSR 70-20
futility of filing claim for workmen's compensation, SSR 72-42
widow's benefits, SSR 67-08

Real estate:

broker, SSR 62-48
interest from mortgage loans, SSR 64-10
salesman, SSR 62-31
salesman, net earnings from self-employment, SSR 73-14

Real property, resources, SSI, SSR 82-26

Recomputation of benefit amount:

deceased worker's primary insurance amount, SSR 62-66
deductions, entitlement before age 65, SSR 62-66
reduction of primary insurance amount at age 65 if benefits received prior to retirement age, SSR 77-27c
revision, correction of earnings record after time limitation, SSR 66-30

Recovery of overpayment:

adjustment, deferred compensation, SSR 74-01a
beneficiary not withoult fault, SSR 65-41c, SSR 65-24c, SSR 87-16c
deceased beneficiary, liability of widow, SSR 70-54
determination of liability, SSR 86-19
effect of benefit awarded by another Federal agency, SSR 82-22
erroneous payment based on fraud, SSR 64-02, SSR 83-26a
liability of a legatee of an estate, SSR 86-02
liability of auxiliary beneficiaries, waiver, SSR 85-25a
receipt of a rental subsidy, in-kind unearned income, constitutionality, SSR 82-09c
recipient convicted of criminal charges, SSI, SSR 84-23
representative payee liability, SSR 64-07
substantial services, SSR 72-21c
waiver of recovery or adjustment, SSR 81-19a, SSR 84-09a, SSR 87-15c, SSR 88-06c
work activity, fault determinations, SSR 72-28c

Reduced benefits:

adjustment for retroactive months, SSR 63-04
annuity awarded in a workmen's compensation settlement, SSR 81-32
disability insurance benefits, reduction to zero due to receipt of State disability payments, SSR 92-02a
disability insurance benefits, workmen's compensation reduction, SSR 69-24, SSR 70-45c, SSR 72-50, SSR 83-29c
disability insurance benefits, lump sum workers' compensation payment, New Hampshire, SSR 92-06c
disability insurance, lump-sum payment of workmen's compensation benefits, trust, SSR 81-20
divorced wife reentitled, before and after age 65, SSR 68-01
family maximum, SSR 62-07, SSR 77-01c
old-age insurance benefit before age 65, SSR 62-02
old-age insurance benefit before and after age 65, SSR 77-27c
proration of lump-sum workers' compensation settlements, SSR 87-21c
receipt of lump-sum workers' compensation settlement, SSR 87-20c
receipt of a public disability benefit under Florida's retirement system, SSR 86-06a
receipt of a rental subsidy, in-kind unearned income, constitutionality, SSR 82-09c
receipt of both in-kind income and deemed income, SSR 84-12c
receipt of workers' compensation, offset of wage loss benefits, Florida, SSR 93-01
receipt of workmen's compensation, payments under the volunteer firemen's benefit law, New York, SSR 82-04
receipt of workmen's compensation, treatment of certain lump-sum settlements made under New Jersey law, SSR 82-05
receipt of workmen's compensation, treatment of certain lump-sum settlements under Iowa law, SSR 81-33
reduction of husband's effect on wife's, SSR 62-21
restrictions on the retroactivity of an application, old-age insurance benefits, SSR 86-17a
restrictions on the retroactivity of an application, surviving divorced wife, SSR 83-45a
retroactive title II benefits under the windfall offset provision, concurrent title II/title XVI claims, SSR 87-09c
simultaneous entitlement, SSR 69-05
stepchildren, deemed dependency, invalid ceremonial marriage, SSR 77-01c
wife's, also entitled to disability benefits, SSR 64-16, SSR 69-13
withdrawal of application, SSR 67-36c
written withdrawal of an application, validity of requirement, SSR 86-15c

Reduction of retroactive title II benefits equal to the amount of SSI benefits, AR 86-25(9)

Reentering the U.S. without being lawfully admitted, nonpayment of benefits, SSR 87-12c

Reentitlement, marriage as a bar to reentitlement, SSR 83-36a

Reentitlement to mother's benefits after termination of common-law marriage, SSR 73-03c

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome (RSDS), SSR 03-2p

Registrars of vital statistics, justices of the peace, and constables, Nebraska, SSR 73-58c

Rehabilitation, trial work period, SSR 65-62, SSR 69-46

Rehabilitation program, employment in sheltered workshop, SSR 69-60

Rehabilitation program, services performed by hospital patient, SSR 69-59

Rehabilitation, vocational, refusal to accept, SSR 64-13, SSR 78-24

Relationship, presumption of validity of last marriage, Georgia, SSR 85-04c

Religious grounds, services exempted, exclusions from self-employment, SSR 85-12c

Religious order members, retroactive wage credits, SSR 74-18

Religious orders who work for third parties, coverage of services of members, SSR 81-38, SSR 85-10c

Renewal commissions of self-employed casualty insurance salesmen, SSR 88-09a

Rental subsidy, evaluation as in-kind income for SSI benefit calculation purposes, AR 90-02(2)

Rental subsidy, reduction of benefits, SSR 82-09c

Rental value of parsonage, net earnings from self-employment, SSR 72-06

Rentals from real estate:

exclusion from coverage, SSR 78-28c
family corporation, SSR 69-37c
fees for right-of-way over Indian land, SSR 87-22a
grazing fees, unearned income, SSI, SSR 82-27a
office building, SSR 65-28c
real estate broker, SSR 62-48
rooming house, SSR 61-42
royalties for use of lands, SSR 62-49
services to tenant, SSR 78-01c, SSR 85-18
services to tenants, mobile home parks, SSR 86-12
status of guaranteed payments from a partnership, SSR 85-19a

Reopening determinations:

appeal from Administration's refusal not subject to judicial review, SSR 64-22c, SSR 67-39c, SSR 68-58c, SSR 77-28c, SSR 81-12c
correction of earnings record, excluded income, SSR 66-08
correction of earnings record after time limitation, revision of benefit rate, SSR 66-30
error on face of evidence, SSR 75-20
error on face of evidence, computing period, SSR 61-60
finality, SSR 64-24c
finality of decision, SSR 71-02c
fraud or similar fault, SSR 64-02
new and material evidence, SSR 65-51, SSR 67-22, SSR 68-12a
prospective effect of application, SSR 66-26
similar fault, SSI, SSR 85-23
Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act, SSR 61-40
time limitation period, SSR 63-02

Representation by counsel, fees for services, SSR 62-47, SSR 65-33c, SSR 66-19c, SSR 67-54c, SSR 68-61c, SSR 68-47c, SSR 69-38c

Representation of claimant:

attorney fees paid by a nonprofit organization or a government agency out of funds provided by a government entity, SSR 85-03
attorney's fees, authority to regulate and approve, SSR 72-14c, SSR 90-03c
attorney's fees, award by court, SSR 72-31c, SSR 80-20c
attorney's fees fixed by Administration, SSR 82-19c
disqualified nonattorney, notice and hearing, SSR 74-29
fair and impartial hearing, SSR 71-23c
right to attorney, rule governing the location of hearings, SSR 88-02c

Representative payee:

attorney fees, nonprofit organization, fee-setting regulations inapplicable, SSR 85-03
conservation of benefits, SSR 61-23, SSR 64-23, SSR 68-60, SSR 70-41
disappearance of beneficiary, restriction against payment of benefits to a conservator, SSR 90-06
institutionalized beneficiary, SSR 61-23, SSR 64-23, SSR 66-42, SSR 66-20, SSR 68-18, SSR 70-32
institutionalized beneficiary, ability to handle own affairs, SSR 73-29
overpayment liability, SSR 64-07, SSR 84-06a
use of benefits for support of legally dependent spouse, Alabama, SSR 89-10

Representative payment of benefits, exceptions to sending advance notice, SSR 85-14

Res judicata, authority of Appeals Council to dismiss a request for hearing, SSR 95-2c

Res judicata, disability claim, SSR 71-32c, AR 94-2(4), AR 97-4(9), AR 98-3(6), AR 98-4(6)

Res judicata, new and material evidence of paternity, SSR 86-16a

Res judicata, reopening a decision, disability claim, SSR 80-33

Residency requirements for dependents and survivors of aliens outside of the U.S., SSR 89-12

Residual functional capacity:

capability to do other work, SSR 83-11
conclusiveness of rules, medical-vocational guidelines, SSR 83-05a
evaluating limitations within a range of work or between ranges of work, SSR 83-12
evaluating solely nonexertional impairments, SSR 85-15
mental impairments, SSR 85-16

Resources in excess of claimant's ordinary and necessary needs, SSR 87-16c

Resources, nonexcludable, SSI, SSR 82-06, SSR 83-30a

Resources, SSI, SSR 78-17, SSR 81-37, SSR 82-26, SSR 82-27a

Respiratory impairment:

ability to do other work, SSR 64-47c

Restriction against payment to a missing beneficiary, SSR 93-03

Restrictions on payments of benefits to alien beneficiaries outside the U.S., SSR 89-12

Retired pay for nonregular military service, SSR 70-13

Retirement benefits, excess earnings in grace year, monthly earnings test, scope of review, exhaustion of administrative appeals, SSR 88-16c

Retirement, extent and value of services, SSR 88-12c, SSR 91-01c

Retirement fund, civil service, refundable contributions, SSR 81-36

Retirement insurance benefits:

deductions on account of excess earnings, SSR 86-18a, SSR 87-14a
first month of entitlement, SSR 83-42a
proof of age, evaluation of evidence, SSR 75-14a
questionable retirement, extent and value of services, SSR 91-01c
reduced before age 65, SSR 62-02
simultaneous entitlement to reduced disability insurance benefit, SSR 69-05
simultaneous entitlement to wife's insurance benefit, SSR 69-13

Retirement pay, SSR 62-09

Retroactive Social Security benefits, amount of attorney's fees, SSR 86-09c

Retroactive wage credits, coverage for member of religious orders, SSR 74-18

Retroactivity of application for benefits, SSR 68-68c

Retroactivity of application, child's insurance benefits, SSR 73-21c, SSR 73-01c, SSR 75-23

Retroactivity of application, restrictions, reduced benefits, SSR 86-17a, AR 86-25(9)

Retroactivity, period of disability, SSR 72-63c

Rooming house, gross income derived, SSR 61-42

Royalties, attainment of age 65, SSR 75-19

Royalties, use of land, SSR 62-49

Royalties, writing activities, SSR 67-52

Rule in community property State -- net earnings from self-employment -- constitutionality, SSR 81-17c

Rules, conclusiveness, medical-vocational guidelines, SSR 83-05a

Rules of administrative finality, SSR 68-12a, AR 90-04(4)

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