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National Association of Insurance Commissioners

National Commission on Children1139

National DRG Prospective Payment Rate

See   Payment

National guard technician218(b)(5)

National Health Service Corps504(a)

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Corps210(m)

Net Earnings from Self-Employment

See   Earnings

Network organization1881(c)

Newspaper Delivery Person Under 18

Newspaper Vendor

Nominal amount; regulations1916(a)(3), (b)(3)

Nonmedical factors; disability1614(a)(3)(B)

Nonprofit Organization

Northern Marianas

Notice or Report


Nurse Aide

Nurse Anesthetist1832(a)(2)(B); 1833(l)(1); 1861(bb)


Nurse Practitioner

Nursing care1861(m)(1)

Nursing Facility

Nursing Home

* State-administered Title XVI