Resources for Contractors

Social Security Administration applies the Section 508 standards and other accessibility terms and conditions when we purchase information technology and communications products and services. The following information is provided to assist prospective vendors with responding to solicitations and with product design and development activities.

The Voluntary Product Accessibility Template

This template is the most common format vendors use to describe how their products and services conform to the Section 508 standards.

Attention – Contractors and Vendors

On January 18, 2018, the United States Access Board implemented the new Section 508 standards and regulations. As a result, the Information Technology Industry Council (aka ITI) published version 2.1 (or later) of the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) for you to complete when you tell agencies how 508 conformant your product is.

SSA requires vendors to conform with the new Section 508 standards and SSA's solicitations will include instructions to contractors that are modeled after version of VPAT 2.1. Failure to respond to the new standards or not following SSA instructions to contractors (requiring accurate and completed product documentation based on the VPAT 2.1 or later) may cause an offer to not be further considered for award. SSA, therefore, urges your firm to update your product documentation to VPAT 2.1 and that your firm communicate with its manufacturing partners to do the same.

SSA Guide to Completing the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template

Vendors are strongly encouraged to review this guide prior to submitting a VPAT. SSA carefully reviews each VPAT submitted for completeness and accuracy prior to making an award decision.

Download VPAT Guide

SSA 508 Test Method

The Social Security Administration uses an Accessibility Test Method based on the Section 508 ICT Testing Baseline.

Read Our 508 Test Method