Accessibility Resources for Developers

Social Security Administration software developers use a variety of accessibility guides and training materials to make the content provided by SSA accessible. SSA makes these resources available as a public service to assist anyone interested in developing and authoring accessible electronic content.

ANDI - Web Accessibility Test Tool

ANDI, the Accessible Name & Description Inspector is an open source accessibility test tool you can use to check for 508 compliance of web content.

  • Automatically detect potential accessibility issues
  • Discover what a screen reader should say
  • Suggests ways to improve accessibility

Get ANDI - Accessibility Test Tool

SSA 508 Test Method

The Social Security Administration uses an Accessibility Test Method based on the Section 508 ICT Testing Baseline.

Read Our 508 Test Method

YANKI - Accessibility Troubleshooting Tool

A tool for troubleshooting accessibility issues by temporarily removing problematic HTML and ARIA attributes.

YANKI - Accessibility Troubleshooting Tool

Alternative Text Guide

Alternative text is used to describe images, charts, diagrams, buttons, and other elements in a way that provides information to users. However, there can be issues if the alternative text is incorrect, confusing, or lacks the necessary context. The SSA aims to create meaningful alternative text by following the guidance in this reference guide.

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