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Accessibility Resources for Developers, Document Authors, and Contractors

Social Security Administration software developers and electronic content authors use a variety of accessibility guides and training materials to make the content provided on accessible. SSA makes these resources available as a public service to assist anyone interested in developing and authoring accessible electronic content.

ANDI - Web Content Accessibility Test Tool

ANDI, the Accessible Name & Description Inspector is a lightweight accessibility tool you can use to check for 508 compliance as you design and develop web applications.

Install ANDI

Installation is as easy as adding a favorite or bookmark.

ANDI is a simple interface that:

  • Automatically detects potential accessibility issues.
  • Discovers what a screen reader should say.
  • Suggests ways to improve accessibility.
  • Uses a design method that simplifies complex W3C specifications.
Alternative Text Guide

Alternative text can be applied to images, charts, diagrams, buttons, and other interface elements to convey information and purpose textually. Problems occur when alternative text is written incorrectly, confuses users, or does not provide the correct context. While the creation of alternative text is not an exact science, SSA strives to provide meaningful alternative text by following the practical guidance contained in this comprehensive reference guide.

Download Guide

Accessible Document Authoring & Testing

On, the agency aims to provide an accessible HTML equivalent of all electronic documents provided on the site. In situations where this is not possible, the agency's goal is to provide each electronic document in an accessible format. Whereas the Section 508 accessibility standards currently do not provide specific technical guidance on what constitutes an accessible electronic document, the agency uses the following guides to author and test Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF documents for accessibility.

Word 2016 Accessibility Checklist

Word 2013 Accessibility Checklist

PDF Accessibility Checklist

PowerPoint 2016 Accessibility Checklist

PowerPoint 2013 Accessibility Checklist

Excel 2016 Accessibility Checklist

Excel 2013 Accessibility Checklist

Outlook 2016 Accessibility Checklist

Resources for Contractors

Social Security Administration applies the Section 508 standards and other accessibility terms and conditions when we purchase information technology and communications products and services. The following information is provided to assist prospective vendors with responding to solicitations and with product design and development activities.

Contractor Resources