Employer Information

Annual Wage Reporting

At the Social Security Administration (SSA), we make every effort to pay benefits, to the right person, in the right amount, at the right time. Accurate wage reporting helps us be successful in meeting this important objective. This is one of the reasons employers file Form W-2 reports directly with the SSA. These reports populate the earnings record of working individuals. We use the earnings, coupled with any applicable self-employment income, to determine entitlement and benefit amounts for individuals and their dependents. Once we have credited individual records, we then pass the data to the Internal Revenue Service for matching against the employer’s quarterly tax returns. Our Website for Employers has more information on the wage reporting services available.

Who to Contact
The Employer Services Liaison Officer (ESLO) in the Atlanta Region serves as your primary source for information and assistance with W-2 wage reporting and reconciliation issues.  Employers may also contact the dedicated Employer Reporting Assistance line at 1-800-772-6270.  Feel free to contact the ESLO or the Employer Line with your wage reporting concerns.


Employer Services Liaison Officer:

Kristen Robertson
Phone: (404) 562-1305
E-mail: AT.RO.CDPS.ESLO@ssa.gov
FAX: (404) 562-1313

ESLO Backup:

Shinekia Smith
Phone: (404) 562-1323
E-mail: AT.RO.CDPS.ESLO@ssa.gov
FAX: (404) 562-1313

How We Can Help

The Employer Services Liaison Officer is prepared to assist employers with matters concerning:

• Form W-2/W-2C filing procedures – Paper and Electronic (preferred method),
• Registration issues with Business Services Online (BSO),
• Reconciliation problems concerning W-2 and Form 941 balancing,
• Problems with missing or incorrect W-2 wage reports and
• Questions on the verification of Names and Social Security Numbers for W-2 wage reporting purposes.

Social Security Number Verification Service (SSNVS)

SSNVS is our online tool for helping employers prevent name and number mismatches on year-end Form W-2s. The service allows for immediate online results for up to 10 employees per submission. If you wish to check your entire payroll (up to 250,000 employees), a file format is available for online upload with overnight results. To learn more visit the SSNVS Website (http://www.socialsecurity.gov/employer/ssnv.htm) at our National Employer Website.