Data Exchange Applications

Beneficiary Earnings Exchange Record (BEER)

BEER is a batch exchange that provides earnings data to states.  
Full list of the BEER record data elements.

Beneficiary & Earnings Data Exchange (BENDEX)

BENDEX is a batch data exchange that provides Title 2 and earnings data with the state agencies.
Full list of the BENDEX record data elements.

Consent Based Social Security Number Verification Service (CBSV)

CBSV is not for use by federal governments.  It is typically used by companies who provide banking and mortgage services, process credit checks, provide background checks, satisfy licensing requirements, etc. to provide real-time verification of SSN and name combination. 

electronic Consent Based Social Security Number Verification (eCBSV) Service

eCBSV allows permitted entities to verify if an individual’s SSN, name, and date of birth combination matches Social Security records. Social Security requires the number holder’s written consent with a wet or electronic signature in order to disclose the SSN verification.

Please visit the eCBSV web page for more information.

Enumeration at Birth (EAB)

The Enumeration at Birth (EAB) program offers new parents at a hospital, birthing center, or using a licensed midwife the option to request a Social Security number (SSN) during the birth registration process with the State. States may transmit EAB data via Managed File Transfer (MFT, previously known as CyberFusion).  To learn more about this file transmission method, select MFT Frequently Asked Questions.

Internet-Electronic Death Registration (I-EDR)

IEDR is a web-based application designed to allow a state's Bureau of Vital Statistics to verify decedent Social Security numbers using the internet. These jurisdictions provide SSA with notification of deceased persons, enabling SSA to timely administer programs for beneficiaries of decedents.

Low-Income Subsidy (LIS)

The LIS data exchange provides the states and Washington DC with specific LIS data as leads for the states to solicit applications for the state Medicare Savings Program (MSP).
Full list of the LIS record data elements.

Prisoner Update Processing System (PUPS)

The Prisoner information contains data reported to SSA and retained on the Prisoner Update Processing System. Examples of the data are confinement date, released date, reporter name and facility name and address. Full list of PUPS record data elements.

Qualifying Quarters

The Qualifying Quarters data shows the minimum and maximum number of quarters of coverage the number holder has on SSA records, railroad service months, and the pattern of the qualifying quarters of coverage.
Full list of Qualifying Quarters record data elements.

State Data Exchange (SDX)

SDX is a batch data exchange that provides Title 16 data to states that administer  federally funded income and/or health maintenance programs.
Full list of the SDX record data elements.

State Children’s Health Insurance Program – Internet (SCHIP-I)

SCHIP-I is a Web-based application enabling state agencies to  submit data requests to the Social Security Administration (SSA) and receive a citizenship verification real-time via the Internet.

SCHIP-I Manual

State On-line Query/State On-line Query-Internet (SOLQ/SOLQ-I)

SOLQ/SOLQ-I is, essentially, online SVES and allows states real-time access to SSA's Social Security Number (SSN) verification service and retrieval of Title 2 and/or Title 16 data. SOLQ/SOLQ-I enables state social services and other state benefit program personnel to rapidly obtain information they need to qualify individuals for programs.
Full list of the SOLQ/SOLQ-I record data elements.

State Verification & Exchange System (SVES)

SVES is a batch query system that provides states and some federal agencies with a standardized method of SSN verification and uniform data response for Title 2 and/or Title 16 data for benefit program processing. In addition to allowing states to receive SSN Verification, and if requested Title 2 and/or Title 16 data, SVES also allows states to request information from other SSA exchange systems external to SVES (e.g., BENDEX, SDX) via the SVES request.

SVES - SOLQ Manual

Unemployment Insurance Query (UIQ)

The Unemployment Insurance Query (UIQ) provides State Unemployment Insurance agencies real-time access to SSA SSN verification and Title II benefit payment data via the Department of Labor (DOL) ICON Hub.