Common Data Exchange Terms

Amendment / Modification - An amendment or modification is required when both parties establish a change in the agreement during the period of performance.

Batch - Requests for information that are collected and presented for processing as a “batch” of requests, rather than as individual requests. SVES is a batch process for example.

BEER - Beneficiary Earnings Exchange Record is IRS earnings and tax data requested thru the BENDEX system. BEER provides earning and employer data for the last calendar year for individuals requested by the states. Responses are created daily and the data is appended to the BENDEX file response. 

BENDATA - File sent by state to SSA to request SSA data. They must be received by 5:00 Eastern Time on the Wednesday prior to processing day.

BENDEX - Beneficiary and Earnings Data Exchange - Beneficiary & Earnings Data Exchange - Title 2 information transmitted to state agencies twice a month.

CBSV - Consent Based SSN Verification - Not for use by federal governments; provides real-time verification of SSN and name combination

CMA - Computer Matching Agreement - A type of data exchange agreement for which the Computer Matching and Privacy Protection Act (CMPPA) applies. Also known as a CMPPA.

CMPPA - Computer Matching and Privacy Protection Act Agreements - This 1988 Act requires federal agencies to follow a specific process for approving data sharing agreements that includes notification of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), both Houses of Congress, and the public via a Federal Register Notice.

Computer Matching - The identification of similarities or dissimilarities in data found in two or more computer files. The Social Security Administration (SSA) conducts computer matching to establish or verify recipient eligibility for federal benefit programs. The The Office of Data Exchange and International Agreements (ODXIA)  is responsible for SSA's Computer Matching Programs. Computer matching allows SSA to receive records from or to disclose records to federal or non-federal agencies for use in the comparison of computer files. SSA's Matching Program helps government streamline operations, reduce costs, and eliminate overpayments and fraud. 

COSS - Commissioner of Social Security

Data Exchange - Process for sharing programmatic and non-programmatic electronic information and services to or from SSA.  

DMF - Death Master File

DTA - Direct Terminal Access

EAB - Enumeration at birth - Transmission of Birth data to SSA to assign Social Security numbers to newborns. Returns SSNs to states.

EDR - Electronic Death Registration -  Electronic Death Registration Process provides an online real-time verification of the decedent’s SSN. This verification ensures the accuracy of the data SSA uses for its programs and shares with the private sector, federal and state agencies. 

FOIA - Freedom of Information Act - An Act that allows members of the public to request records from various federal agencies

GSO - Government Services Online, previously called eData, is an SSA web site that allows organizations outside of SSA to securely send data to SSA.  

HAVA & HAVV  - Help America Vote Act & Help America Vote Verification - An exchange that allows the states to verify the identity of voters who don’t have drivers’ licenses and are registering to vote through their Motor Vehicle Agency (MVA).  

IAA - An Interagency Agreement (IAA) is established when a federal agency agrees to perform work for SSA and is reimbursed by SSA for that work. The IAA package includes an Interagency Agreement Data Sheet (Form SSA-429), an administrative agreement identifying the provisions of the agreement, and a clearance memorandum from the Office of the General Counsel.

IEA - A type of data exchange agreement for which the CMPPA does not apply. Generally 5 years in duration.

I-EDR - Internet-Electronic Death Registration - IEDR is a web-based application designed to allow a state's Bureau of Vital Statistics to verify decedent Social Security numbers using the internet. 

IPAC  - A system that provides an automated, standardized, interagency funds transfer mechanism for Federal Program Agencies (FPAs).  It facilitates intragovernmental federal e-commerce by transferring funds from one FPA to another on a real-time basis.

LI - Liaison - An SSA contact assigned to work with specific data exchange partners.

LIS - Low-Income Subsidy

Matching Program - Any computerized comparison of records or system of records with federal or non-federal records for the purpose of, or continuing compliance with, statutory and regulatory requirements for individuals with respect to cash or in-kind assistance under federal programs, or recouping payments or delinquent debts under federal benefit programs. Matching programs permit the comparison of two or more federal personnel and payroll systems of records with non-federal records.

Model Agreement  - An agreement used when the scope of work accommodates the needs of more than one requesting entity.  Once we have approved a Model Agreement, PCs can use the Model Agreement to draft the RA for their RA package.  We approve funds for individual RAs based on approved Model Agreements each fiscal year.

MOU / MOA - Memorandum of Understanding/Agreement

New Matching Agreement - An agreement that describes a match not previously implemented that must contain full justification for the operation and meet the stringent agency budgetary requirements and fuse the Commissioner’s strategic goals with the implementation of  new systems activities and agency data exchange objectives.

Non-Federal Agency - Any state or local government, or agency thereof, which receives records contained in a system of records from a source agency for use in a matching program.

ODXIA - Office of Data Exchange and International Agreements

PII - Personally Identifiable Information 

Programmatic Data Exchange - Programmatic data exchanges are exchanges of information between SSA and federal, state, or local government agencies to establish or verify continuing eligibility to federal and federally funded programs. 

Programmatic Data Exchange Agencies (1137 Agencies) - Sec. 1137 of the SSA Act:

  1. any state program funded under part A of title IV of this Act;
  2. the Medicaid program under title XIX of this Act;
  3. unemployment compensation program under section 3304 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954[155];
  4. the supplemental nutrition assistance program under the Food and Nutrition Act of 2008[156];
  5. any state program under a plan approved under title I, X, XIV, or XVI of this Act.

RA - Reimbursable Agreement

Real Time - Responses to system queries that are received shortly after requested on a terminal with access to SSA’s mainframe.

Recertification - An existing computer match under the CMPPA that is extended for an additional 12 months beyond the initial 18 months giving the agreement a total life of 30 months. A recertification is permissible if all agreement partners are presently in compliance with all terms and conditions inscribed in the match and no substantive agreement changes are necessary to lengthen the data exchange for an additional year.

SDX - State Data Exchange - contains Supplemental Security Income information.

SOLQ - State Online Query - On-line requests for SVES (TPQY) data for human service agencies. SVES provides slightly more data than SOLQ, e.g., prisoner, QC, and, also, accretion functions.

SVES - State Verification and Enumeration System - SVES is a batch process. (SSN verification, MBR and SSR data). 

TDEX - Totalization Data Exchange

Title II - SSA – Retirement, survivors, disability, etc. through the Social Security Administration trust fund.

Title XVI - SSI – Retirement and disability through Supplemental Security Income.

UIQ - Unemployment Insurance Query - On-line requests for SVES data for unemployment agencies.