RSDI and SSI Recovery Efforts

Our improper payments strategy includes focusing on enhancements to improve our OASDI and SSI debt recovery efforts. These changes also support debt management compliance and performance as required by OMB. Below are enhancements to improve our OASDI and SSI debt recovery efforts.

  • Debt Management Product
    • Currently, multiple systems exist that record, track, notify, and manage our OASDI and SSI overpayments. Through modernization, we will create a single debt management universal view for our technicians to process overpayment transactions more effectively and efficiently. We will also automate overpayment waiver determinations, where appropriate, to enhance controls surrounding waiver determinations.
    • We will also pursue using online services for collecting OASDI and SSI overpayment remittances. In December 2017, we completed our initial initiative via the Social Security Electronic Remittance System to process remittances received in our field offices for program debt. In FY 2019, we plan to provide individuals the ability to electronically repay their OASDI or SSI overpayment using the Department of the Treasury‚Äôs portal via
  • Treasury Report on Receivables enhancements for OASDI and SSI
    • We implemented systems enhancements to meet the reporting requirements of the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act of 2014.
    • We continued to analyze data to ensure we are accurately reporting our receivables.
    • Implementation of the new Debt Management Product will address our reporting limitations such as the number of OASDI debts that the system bundles and counts as a single debt when an individual has multiple debts.
  • Policy Update
    • We are implementing a policy change in early FY 2019 that will enable delinquent debts we refer to TOP to remain in referred status until the individual repays the debt in full, requests a waiver, dies, or resumes receiving monthly benefits.