July 26, 2000

The President Signs H.R. 4425 (P.L. 106-246), The Military Construction FY 2001 Appropriations Bill

The President signed H.R. 4425, the Military Construction FY 2001 Appropriations bill, on July 13, 2000. The House agreed to the conference report on the bill on June 29 and the Senate on June 30.

As enacted, the law contains three Social Security-related provisions that:

  • Provides an additional $35 million for SSA's Limitation on Administrative Expenses. The money is to cover the administrative costs of implementing the elimination of the retirement earnings test, and is available through September 30, 2001;
  • Repeals Section 5527 of Public Law 105-33, the Balanced Budget Act of 1997. Section 5527 changed the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program payment date from September 29, 2000 (Friday) to October 2, 2000 (Monday). This change will allow SSI beneficiaries to receive their payments on the regular SSI payment schedule date of September 29, 2000. Also, the delay in federal pay dates for military and civilian employees and VA benefits has been repealed by this bill; and
  • Compensates victims of the Cerro Grande Fire in New Mexico.