Regulations specify the details and requirements necessary to implement and to enforce legislation enacted by Congress. Because of their importance, and in order to keep the public informed, the Federal Government publishes the Unified Agenda of Federal Regulatory and Deregulatory Actions (Unified Agenda) and the Regulatory Plan.

The Unified Agenda, published in the fall and spring of each year, requires Federal agencies to report regulatory actions planned for the coming year.

The Regulatory Plan, published as part of the fall edition of the Unified Agenda, identifies priority regulations and contains additional detail about the most important significant regulatory actions planned for the coming year.

As part of our commitment to open and transparent government, we have made available, below, our most recent Unified agenda and Regulatory Plan.

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Current Unified Agenda

Introductory/Summary Statement of SSA’s Current Regulatory Priorities

Rules Slated for Potential Action

Long Term Actions

Current Regulatory Plan