Legal Career Path


Opportunities exist in our 18 Office of Disability Adjudication & Review (ODAR) offices and the Office of the General Council, which is located in Philadelphia, PA.

All of our attorneys are in good standing with their State (or equivalent) Bar Association.

Staff Attorneys in the ODAR assist administrative law judges in providing the public with a timely and judicious appeal for Social Security benefits. ODAR recruits entry-level attorneys at the GS 09, 11 and 12 levels with GS 12 being the full performance level.

To apply for a position with ODAR, send your resume and proof of Bar Association membership to the ODAR office where you would like to be considered. Additional documentation will be required if selected.

Attorneys in the Office of General Council handle a wide spectrum of legal issues for the Social Security Administration. OGC recruits entry-level attorneys at the GS 11 or 12 level, depending upon experience. Within 4 to 5 years, attorneys in OGC can reach the GS 14 level.

Your actual salary will reflect the locality pay available in your part of the country. Legal

Senior Case Technicians

ODAR hires Senior Case Technicians to provide legal support to administrative law judges (ALJs), staff attorneys and paralegal specialist in the processing of entitlement cases pursuant to the Social Security Act.

Before you begin your job, you'll undergo an intensive training program designed to prepare you to conduct research, furnish information and provide assistance to the ODAR staff of ALJs, attorneys and paralegal staff relating to the caseload of an ODAR office.

Promotional opportunities include other legal, technical, analytical and supervisory positions in SSA/ODAR offices, SSA field offices or teleservice centers. SSA employees advance through merit promotion.

SSA/ODAR generally recruits for the Senior Case Technicians (SCTs) positions at the GS-5 level. These positions have promotion potential to the GS-8 level.

Your actual salary will reflect the locality pay available in your part of the country.


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