Projected Payment Time Frame

Time and Money

To assist us in processing your payment(s) as quickly as possible, the following information constitutes a proper invoice for payment as required by the Prompt Payment Act (PPA): 5 CFR, Part 1315

  1. Contractor's name
  2. Complete banking information for direct deposit payments, and vendor’s business mailing address
  3. Invoice date
  4. Invoice number
  5. Contractor's Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  6. SSA's contract or purchase order number
  7. Description, price, and quantity of goods or services delivered
  8. Shipping and payment terms
  9. Other substantiating documentation or information as required by the contract or purchase order
  10. If required by the contract, the DUNS number registered and active in the System for Award Management (SAM)

We process payments in accordance with the terms of the vendor's authorizing document. If the authorizing document does not state the terms, the PPA states that SSA has 30 days to pay, from the date the designated SSA office receives a proper invoice or the date SSA receives and accepts all the goods and services, whichever is later.

The preferred method of invoice submission is by email. Please refer to your authorizing document for additional invoice submission options.