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Internet Payment Platform

The U.S. Department of the Treasury's Invoice Processing Platform (IPP) is a secure, Web-based service that manages invoicing from purchase orders through payment notification at no charge to federal agencies and their vendors.

Vendors are able to access IPP using their user identification and password and obtain the status of deposits for 30 days. Access is restricted to the vendor's own payment data. The payment information is available to the vendor as of the payment date. If a vendor is a new subscriber to IPP, only their current payment data will be available.

Once vendor enrolls, the vendor can receive payment information, including invoice number, payment amount, date of payment, and any interest, penalties, or discounts applied. The invoice information is available by logging in at https://www.ipp.gov or the vendor may request an email with a simple notification of payment or detailed remittance information.

To access IPP and learn more about this service visit the following link: