Nebraska constables and justices of the peace, SSR 67-44

Nebraska, status of constables, justices of the peace, and vital statistics, SSR 73-58c

Net earnings from self-employment:

computation, remuneration allocated on a time basis, SSR 64-62
consulting services, work deductions, trade or business, SSR 82-17c
crop sales, SSR 79-14a
disaster losses to inventory, SSR 74-17
exclusion of rental property income, status of guaranteed payments from a partnership, SSR 85-19a
farm rental income, material participation, SSR 61-07, SSR 63-45c, SSR 63-43, SSR 64-25c, SSR 65-27, SSR 65-09c, SSR 65-08
husband-wife partnership, SSR 73-32
income from all trades and businesses, SSR 68-06c
income from business operated by guardian, SSR 61-62
income from valid trust created by life beneficiary and sole trustee, SSR 67-07
income producing activity, SSR 67-24
interest income, SSR 64-10
interest income derived from tax sale certificates, SSR 72-48
interest income from contracts of sale of realty, SSR 73-15
investment income, limited partner, SSR 72-24
optional method of computing farm income, SSR 62-32
partnership, SSR 62-17, SSR 62-08, SSR 84-11
payment in kind, SSR 62-31
payment to farm operator under the Food and Agriculture Act of 1965, SSR 67-42
payments under wheat and feed grain programs, SSR 62-64
personal or living expenses, SSR 61-42
profits from sale or exchange of capital assets, SSR 63-36c
real estate salesman's commission on sale of own property, SSR 73-14
renewal commissions of life insurance agent beneficiaries, SSR 71-22
rental property income exclusion, computation, SSR 75-18c
rental value of parsonage, SSR 72-06
rentals from real estate, SSR 62-48, SSR 65-28c, SSR 78-01c, SSR 85-18, SSR 86-12
royalties, SSR 62-49, SSR 67-52, SSR 75-19
rule in community property State -- constitutionality, SSR 81-17c
sales representative, work reductions, SSR 82-02
small business relocation payments, SSR 72-59
soil bank payments, SSR 61-28, SSR 63-19c
substantial services, SSR 71-13c
treatment of carry over crop sales, SSR 79-14a

Nevada divorce, jurisdiction, SSR 67-10c

New Jersey, interest assessment for failure to timely pay contributions, SSR 73-55

Noncash payment, wage exclusion, SSR 67-41a

Noncash transfers (in-kind payments), agricultural labor, SSR 95-3p

Nonestoppel of administration, oral inquiry about benefits, application, SSR 81-29c

Nonestoppel of administration to require compliance with statutory requirement for entitlement, SSR 80-29c

Nonpayment of benefits:

alien beneficiaries outside the United States, SSR 89-12
alien outside the United States, Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, SSR 74-19
computation of earnings, SSR 61-57
deportation, SSR 68-45, SSR 75-27a, SSR 78-21c, SSR 83-32
felonious homicide, SSR 60-06, SSR 65-25
inmates of penal institutions, constitutionality, SSR 83-28c

Nonprofit organization, attorney fees, fee-setting regulations inapplicable, SSR 85-03

Nonprofit organization, constitutionality of exemption from coverage, SSR 72-45c

Notary public in Puerto Rico, SSR 62-51

Nurse, practical, SSR 62-30

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