Hiring People with Disabilities

Atlanta Region Hiring People with Disabilities

People with disabilities may be considered for employment with the Social Security Administration through the competitive hiring process or the Selective Placement Program and the Ticket to Work Initiative.

The Selective Placement Program

This is a special employment program that is designed to assist qualified individuals with disabilities to obtain employment consistent with their level of skills and abilities.

If you meet the knowledge, skill and abilities requirements of the position for which you are considered, you may be offered a direct appointment by us without having to go through the normal competitive hiring procedures.

Requirements for the Selective Placement Program

To qualify for this program, you must have a severe physical or mental disability and be certified by either a State Rehabilitation Agency or the Department of Veterans Affairs for Federal employment. The Social Security Administration will provide necessary, reasonable accommodations to ensure that people with disabilities may successfully perform the duties of the position for which hired.

How to Apply

You may submit an extensive resume and your certification for Federal employment from the State Rehabilitation Agency or the Department of Veterans Affairs to the address specified on the vacancy announcement.  To determine your eligibility for this program, please include the documentation of your disability, unofficial college transcripts, and a statement indicating your geographic area of employment interest to the Selective Placement Program Coordinator (SPPC).