Steps to Enroll and Register

Step 1: Enroll
Step 2: Register for Access

Step 1: Enroll

Before you can enroll, you must have an Employer Identification Number (EIN). Contact the IRS to get an EIN.


The complete enrollment process takes up to 6 weeks.

  1. Complete your CBSV Enrollment Form SSA-200 and return it to us by email at

  2. Send us the one-time non-refundable $5,000 enrollment fee. We accept payment by check and by credit card. Request a credit card payment form, Form SSA-1414, by email at Mail the check or credit card form and the original SSA-200 to:
    Social Security Administration
    6401 Security Boulevard
    PO Box 17042
    Baltimore MD 21235
  3. Upon receipt of your enrollment information and the $5,000 enrollment fee, SSA will initiate the formal agreement process by which you and SSA will execute a legally binding User Agreement permitting your participation in CBSV.
  4. The User Agreement Package includes:
    • Form SSA-88 – Once you are enrolled, send us an updated copy of this as needed.
    • A copy of Form SSA-89 – always use the most current edition found online at
    • Agreement for using SSA’s External Testing Environment – required for you to test web services now or in the future.

Step 2: Register for Access

You cannot register for access to CBSV without completing the enrollment process above. To obtain the proper access to Online or Web Services, you must follow the detailed instructions for registering located in Section 2 of the CBSV User Guide.


Not following the instructions may delay getting access to CBSV services.