CBSV Web Service

If you anticipate a large volume of verifications, web services may be your best choice.

The CBSV web service allows a business application to talk to and receive a response from our SSN verification service.

Although SSA cannot provide development support, we do provide a developer guide, a testing environment, and troubleshooting support. Review the CBSV Client Development Guide to determine what you will need to create a web service client.

Attention all CBSV Web Service customers:

Beginning April 1st, 2022 it will be the responsibility of CBSV customers to monitor their X.509 certificates and notify SSA when they are about to expire. Certificates will only be renewed on weekends and notification must be sent to us by COB on the Monday prior to the weekend of the requested renewal. It is important to keep certificates up to date or loss of service could occur.

CBSV Web Service Support

CBSV Interface Specification

CBSV Client Development Reference Guide

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