Committee on Economic Security (CES)

Unpublished CES Studies

pen nib   Ten Volumes of Unpublished Studies
There were 10 volumes of unpublished studies produced by the staff of the Committee on Economic Security (CES). These 10 volumes encompassed over 200 separate reports, containing thousands of pages of research. One set of these reports was transferred to the National Archives and a partial set was eventually obtained by the SSA History Archives. We believe these are the only two sets in existence. These documents exist only in the form of typescript pages and mimeographed copies of these pages. To make them available, we are rekeying the documents from scratch. This is a very time-consuming and difficult operation. To date, we are able to make only selected portions of the collection available. We will continue to provide additional documents as resources and time permit.

I. Unemployment Compensation
Final Reports
Other Reports

II. Old Age Security
Final Reports
Other Reports

III. Child Welfare
Final Reports
Other Reports

IV. Relief and Public Employment
Final Reports
Other Reports

V. Employment Opportunities
Final Report
Other Reports

VI. Social Insurance
A. Constitutional Issue
B. Financial Aspects
C. Federal-State Relationships
D. Insurance and Savings
E. Survivors' Insurance
F. Invalidity Insurance
G. Workmen's Compensation
H. Provisions for the Physically Handicapped
I. Security for Agricultural Workers
J. Economic Reform and Security Proposals
K. Miscellaneous Studies

VII. Health in Relation to Economic Security
Final Report
Other Reports
Advisory Committees' Minutes

VIII. Committee Activities
A. Chronological Summary of the Activities of the CES

B. Executive Order
C. Minutes of the Meetings of the Committee on Economic Security
D. Advisory Council
E. Technical Board
F. Legislative History of the Social Security Act
G. Speeches delivered by Committee Members and Staff
H. State Bills and Laws

IX. Committee Publications
A. Preliminary Report
B. Advisory Council report
C. Report to the President
D. Printed and Mimeographed Material
E. Charts and Summaries

X. Congressional Material
A. Bills and Amendments
B. Congressional Committee Reports
C. Hearings
D. Debate