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Geospatial Map Tutorial

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Thank you for exploring our OASDI geospatial maps. The Questions and Answers (Q+As) found below are based on feedback from our employees and the public!

For an optimal user experience, use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If you are using Internet Explorer (IE) 11, please refer to the instructions below to set up your browser for the best user experience.

Please feel free to email any additional questions or comments regarding the map to:

How to open a map

To open the map, click anywhere on the image that says "CLICK HERE". Some browsers may need additional configuration.

Screen capture of AIAN Geospatial Map

How to navigate a map

You can begin exploring the map using the navigation tools, located at the top of the map. You will find the (+), (-), and (home) buttons:

Map navigation tools

Use the (+) or (-) navigation keys to zoom in, or zoom out on the map.

zoom in and zoom out map tools

Use the (home) button to return the map back to the original size.

home map tool to revert map to original size

Note: If you click and hold the left button on your mouse, you can move the map. Also, you can use your mouse wheel to zoom-in and zoom-out.

How to use the map's search feature

To search for a location use the Search Box located to the upper right of the map.

Map search box

Type in the desired zipcode or city and state. Press ENTER or click the magnifing glass button to automatically recenter the map and zoom to the submitted location.

Map search by city and state

Refer to the map legend for information about the map's colors. (e.g. OASDI map legend below)

Screenhot of the AIAN map legend

Note: You may need to zoom in or out.

How to use the map's information panel

To the left of the map's is the map information panel.

The ABOUT tab has links and general information about the map.

Map Information Panel - About

The LAYERS tab allows you to display different types of data.

Map Information Panel - Layers

The LEGEND tab shows the map's legend for each enabled layer.

Map Information Panel - Legend

Note: Each layers can be checked/unchecked to show/hide that layer. If multiple layers are checked at the same time, only the top layer will be displayed.

How to view details on a map

Click on a state to reveal a pop-up box with additional information.

example of feature details on map

Note: If multiple layers are checked, use the arrow buttons to view data on another layer.

How to configure Internet Explorer (IE) 11 for map navigation

Internet Explorer (IE) 11 users may need to perform the following steps to access the navigation on our Geospatial Maps. Verify that you have administrator rights to your computer before beginning.

  1. Open the TOOLS menu from the IE 11 menu bar.

    Screen capture of Internet Explorer Menu Bar


    Screen capture of Internet Explorer Menu Bar

  3. Select the SECURITY tab, make sure that TRUSTED SITES is highlighted, and click on the SITES button.

    Screen capture of Internet Explorer Internet Options Securty Tab

  4. Enter in the box and click the ADD button.

    Screen capture of Internet Explorer Trusted Sites pop-up window

  5. Once the website has been added to the Trusted Sites list, Click the CLOSE button.

    Screen capture of Internet Explorer Trusted Sites pop-up window

  6. Use the REFRESH button on the map webpage to reload the page, or click Open Government Map Gallery to begin

    Screen capture of Internet Explorer Page Refresh Button