NOTE: The below contacts cannot provide individuals information on their benefit eligibility, claims, earnings, or application status. For help with individual questions, please see "How to Contact Social Security".

The contacts below are a resource for the general research and policy analysis community. Questions to staff may involve methodological, data, statistical, or modeling research issues.

Management Staff, by Office

Office of Research, Demonstration, and Employment Support David Weaver • Associate Commissioner • 202-358-6252
Susan Wilschke • Deputy Associate Commissioner • 202-358-6275
Robert Pfaff • Deputy Associate Commissioner • 410-965-7677
Office of Research, Evaluation, and Statistics Thomas Hungerford • Acting Associate Commissioner • 202-358-6021
Ted Horan • Deputy Associate Commissioner • 410-966-2788

Office of Data Development
Sam Foster • Director • 410-965-1963

Office of Economic Analysis and Comparative Studies
Dalmer Hoskins • Director • 202-358-6068

Office of Information Resources
Margaret Jones • Director • 202-358-6405

Office of Policy Evaluation and Modeling
Howard Iams • Acting Director • 202-358-6217

Office of Statistical Analysis and Support
Sam Foster • Acting Director • 410-965-1963

Office of Retirement Policy Thomas Hungerford • Associate Commissioner • 202-358-6021
Natalie Lu • Deputy Associate Commissioner • 202-358-6012

Office of Policy Analysis
Mark Sarney • Director • 202-358-6295

Office of Policy Research
Anya Olsen • Acting Director • 202-358-6342

Experts by Subject Area

DI and SSI Policy David Weaver •
DI and SSI Research Paul Davies •
DI Program Statistics Kevin Kulzer •
Earnings Statistics Greg Diez •

NOTE: The above contact cannot provide individuals with their personal information. To estimate your retirement benefit, see our Retirement Estimator.

Epidemiology Requests 410-966-1828ORES.Epidemiological
Geographic Statistics, OASDI and SSI Cherice Jefferies •
International Information Barbara Kritzer •
Retirement Policy and Income Projections Mark Sarney •
Retirement Research and Simulation Models David Pattison •
Howard Iams •
Paul Davies •
Retirement Security Anya Olsen •
Retirement/OASDI Statistics Angela Y. Harper •
SSI Program Statistics Aneer Rukh-Kamaa •

Other Resources