Chapter 19Underpayments and Overpayments

Table of Contents
1900. What is an underpayment?
1901. Is a written request required for an unpaid benefit to be paid to a living person?
1902. Unpaid Amounts Owed to a Deceased Person
1903. Legal Representatives
1904. What is an overpayment?
1905. Written Notice of Overpayments
1906. Liability for Repayments
1907. How are overpayments recovered?
1908. Refunds of Overpayments
1909. Adjustment of Benefits to Recover Overpayments
1910. Rate of Withholding
1911. Compromise Settlement of an Overpayment
1912. Recovery by Civil Suit
1913. Recovery Efforts
1914. Relief from Making Repayment (Waiver)
1915. When is an individual “without fault” in receiving an overpayment?
1916. What factors does SSA consider in deciding whether a person is without fault?
1917. When is an individual “at fault” in receiving an overpayment?
1918. Defeat the Purpose as a Factor in Waiver
1919. What is the definition of “against equity and good conscience”?
1920. What is the definition of “impede effective or efficient administration” of the SSI program?
1921. Waiver of Recovery from Estate of Deceased Person
1922. If SSA changes its position on a prior decision, can recovery of overpayments be attempted?
1923. If the Department of Defense reports a service member's death on active duty but the report is later found to be incorrect, what is the effect on benefits paid?