Cumulative Listing of Current Court Case Decisions Published As Social Security Rulings (1960-2005)

Adams v. Bowen (disability--statutory blindness provision), 90-5c

Alexander v. Richardson (duration of inability to engage in substantial gainful activity), 73-7c

Anderson v. Celebrezze (coverage, employee of political subdivision), 63-51c

Anderson v. Heckler (disabled child's benefits--determining whether work is substantial gainful activity--averaging earnings from employment), 85-5c

Antonioli v. Harris (supplemental security income--unearned income-- support and maintenance--rental subsidy), 81-23c

Antweiler v. Secretary (expiration of disabled widow's eligibility period), 74-14c

Arnold v. Celebrezze (dismissal of request for hearing, res judicata), 65-7c

Aronowitz v. Weinberger (computation of benefits, noncovered employment), 74-11c

Ascherman v. Mathews (conclusiveness of earnings record after expiration of time limitation, self-employment income), 76-32c

Ayuso-Morales v. Secretary of Health and Human Services (family relationships -- widow's insurance benefits -- status of a concubine -- Puerto Rico), 88-7c

Backiel v. Secretary, Health, Education, and Welfare (black lung benefits, dependency of sister upon miner at time of his death), 77-19c

Barnhart v. Thomas (disability insurance benefits and supplemental security income--whether past relevant work must exist in significant numbers in the national economy), 05-1c

Bascetta v. Sec. of HHS (withdrawal of an application for benefits-- validity of requirement that withdrawal be in writing), 86-15c

B-B v. Califano (child's insurance benefits--definition of child-- presumption of legitimacy rebutted), 80-27c

Beauchot v. Richardson (disabled child, judicial review), 73-21c

Becker v. Harris (net earnings from self-employment--rule in community property State--constitutionality), 81-17c

Belcher v. Richardson (disability, workmen's compensation offset), 72-37c

Belcher, Lillian I. v. Richardson (baby-sitter, employer-employee relationship), 73-46c

Benjamin v. Celebrezze (relationship, nunc pro tunc adoption), 66-22c

Benson v. Sec., HHS (work deductions--trade or business, applicability of lawsuit costs as a business expense), 83-25c

Berger v. Secretary of Health and Human Services (work deductions-- questionable retirement--extent and value of services), 88-12c

Blanco v. Secretary HEW (self-employment income, correction of earnings record after expiration of time limitation), 78-20c

Blangy v. Richardson (proof of age, substantial evidence test), 72-19c

Bohms v. Gardner (judicial review), 68-57c

Bolinger, et al. v. Schweiker, etc., et al. (administrative appeals-- rule governing the location of hearings--right to representation by attorney), 88-2c

Boyce v. Harris (disability insurance benefits--inability to perform previous work--administrative notice of the existence of other work), 82-34c

Braunston v. Gardner (judicial review, request not timely filed), 68-17c

Briant, Robert and Virginia Woods Briant v. Commissioner (self- employment, ministers, coverage of ministerial services performed outside the United States), 83-41c

Brunenkant v. Ribicoff (net earnings from self-employment), 63-36c

Burnett v. Heckler (attorney fees--determining past-due benefits-- applicability of the supplemental security income offset provision), 86-9c

Cairns v. Richardson (mother's insurance benefits, reentitlement after termination of common-law marriage), 73-3c

Caldwell v. Celebrezze (performance of statutory condition precedent), 64-19c

Camden v. Richardson (application, retroactivity), 73-1c

Campbell v. Heckler (disability insurance benefits--inability to perform previous work--administrative notice under the medical-vocational guidelines of the existence of other work), 83-46c

Caralis v. Celebrezze (proof of age, effect of court decree on finding of Secretary), 65-34c

Carlson v. Bowen (work deductions--treatment of income from self-employment attributable to services performed in a prior year), 88-8c

Chalmers v. Shalala (Supplemental Security Income -- termination of benefits due to excess resources), 95-4c

Chambers, James D. v. Social Security Administration (judicial review, failure to exhaust administrative remedies), 73-44c

Chance v. Califano (disability insurance benefits, insured status, crediting of military service), 79-15c

Ciccone v. Sec. of HHS (work deductions -- substantial services in self-employment -- evidentiary requirements), 89-7c

Clark v. Celebrezze (farm self-employment), 63-19c

Cleveland, Carolyn C. v. Policy Management Systems Corporation (disability insurance benefits -- claims filed under both the Social Security Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act), SSR 00-1c

Cobb v. Secretary of HHS (disability, suspension of benefits for inmates of penal institutions, constitutionality), 83-28c

Cook v. Harris (work deductions -- deductions from spouse's benefits because of worker's excess earnings -- constitutionality), 81-18c

Cook v. Secretary of HHS (overpayment -- without fault -- waiver of recovery and adjustment), 87-15c

Cooley v. Weinberger (mother's insurance benefits -- homicide conviction -- Iran), 75-25c

Craig v. Finch (adopted child, dependency), 70-53c

Dales v. Weinberger (black lung benefits to widow of a miner), 75-12c

Davidson v. Sullivan (disability insurance benefits -- reduction due to receipt of lump sum workers' compensation payment--New Hampshire), 92-6c

Davis v. Califano (widow's insurance benefits -- family relationships -- status of deemed spouse), 80-9c

Davis v. Heckler (relationship -- child born outside of marriage -- inheritance from father -- Illinois), 86-14c

Davis v. Secretary of Health and Human Services (conviction of second-degree manslaughter), 89-6c

Davis, Norma v. Richardson (family maximum benefits, illegitmate child), 73-53c

Day, Heckler v. (disability -- invalidity of judicially imposed deadlines in the administrative appeals process), 84-22c

deCastro v. Mathews (wife's insurance benefits, ineligibility of divorced wife under age 62 with child in her care, constitutionality), 77-22c

deVilla v. Finch (substantial services, work deductions), 71-13c

Diaz, Florencio Alicea v. Secretary (expiration of insured status, onset of disability subsequent thereto), 74-8c

Dilley v. Secretary (disability, workmen's compensation offset), 74-9c

Dockstader v. Miller (recovery of erroneous payments made after death -- inapplicability of waiver provisions), 85-9c

Domanski v. Celebrezze (employer-employee relationship), 64-61c

Domozik v. Cohen (finality of decision, res judicata), 70-31c

Doshi v. Sec. of HHS, (self-employment income -- trade or business -- consulting services), 89-4c

Dotson v. Shalala (illegal activity as substantial gainful activity), 94-1c

Drombetta v. Secretary of Health and Human Services (widow's insurance benefits -- government pension offset -- determining one-half support -- validity of the pooled-fund method), 89-1c

Duffy v. Harris (husband's insurance benefits -- government pension offset -- constitutionality), 80-28c

Duvall v. Mathews (supplemental security income -- disability -- alcoholism), 80-5c

Easley v. Finch (judicial review, res judicata), 71-32c

Edwards, Heckler v. (judicial review, Supreme Court direct review of district court decisions -- constitutionality of a statute in issue), 84-21c

Egeler v. Flemming (employment determination, Federal agency), 64-24c

Eisenhauer v. Mathews (child's insurance benefits, stepchildren of invalid ceremonial marriage), 77-1c

Eldridge v. Mathews (disability benefits, constitutionality of termination of benefits without prior hearing, appeals process), 76-23c

Emelett v. Weinberger (black lung benefits, conditions of entitlement, parent's benefits), 76-38c

Emerson v. Celebrezze (oral inquiry about benefits), 66-17c

Ensey v. Richardson, (administrative appeal rights, time limit for request for hearing), 73-45c

Estep v. Weinberger (black lung benefits, judicial review, dismissal due to untimely request), 77-8c

Everhart, Sullivan v. (overpayments and underpayments -- payment errors calculated from first payment error to the month the initial determination of overpayment or underpayment is made), 92-7c

Fangman v. Gardner (filing of application as a condition of entitlement), 68-68c

Farmer v. Weinberger (black lung benefits, entitlement of survivors of a miner, presumption of total disability), 77-6c

Felthager v. Weinberger (black lung benefits, death of miner due to accident, miner reqularly and gainfully employed), 76-36c

Filice v. Celebrezze (finality of decision), 64-22c

Gettinger v. Celebrezze (overpayment, recovery or adjustment), 65-24c

Finkelstein, Sullivan v. (widow's benefits -- immediate appealability of a court remand order), 91-2c

Fisher, et al. v. Secretary of HEW, et al. (employment, wage exclusion for domestic service, constitutionality), 76-12c

Fleshman v. Heckler (supplemental security income -- computation of payments -- deeming of income from a parent), 85-27c

Florio v. Richardson (stepchild, termination of entitlement), 73-26c

Fogg v. Schweiker (disability, age criterion of the vocational factors regulations, use of chronological age, constitutionality), 82-46c

Furst v. Weinberger (computation of benefits, pre-1965 exclusion of physician services), 74-12c

Gainville, et al. v. Richardson (work deductions, excess earnings), 72-5c

Galbreath, Bowen v. (supplemental security income -- provision for withholding attorney fees from past-due title II benefits not applicable to title XVI payments), 88-10c

Gartland v. Schweiker (termination of entitlement to child's insurance benefits, voidable marriage contracted in Texas, effect of annulment granted in Arizona), 83-44c

Gatling v. Richardson (paternity denied, sterility of alleged father), 73-52c

Ginsburg v. Richardson (proof of age, substantial evidence test), 72-2c

Goff v. Weinberger (applications, effective filing requirement for entitlement to benefits), 77-14c

Goldfarb v. Califano (husband's and widower's insurance benefits, requirements for entitlement, dependency, constitutionality), 77-26c

Goloff v. Schweiker (child's insurance benefits -- entitlement -- validity of marriage of mentally incompetent individual -- Illinois), 84-7c

Gosnell v. Califano (judicial review -- appeal from refusal to reopen prior final decision), 81-12c

Gosnell v. Secretary of HHS (judicial review -- appeal from refusal to reopen prior final decision), 84-10c

Grace v. Weinberger (pneumoconiosis, interim presumption of total disability), 76-6c

Granger v. Finch (legal representation), 71-23c

Grant v. Weinberger (disability benefits, workmen's compensation offset, specific loss under Michigan statute), 74-21c

Grantham v. Gardner (overpayments, waiver of recovery), 68-7c

Gray v. Richardson (child's insurance benefits, presumption of legitimacy of child born during wedlock -- effect of State court's determination of legitimacy in contested divorce case), 83-37c

Green v. Heckler (supplemental security income -- emergency advance payment actions -- inapplicability of administrative and judicial review), 86-3c

Gressley v. Califano (nonestoppel of Administration to require compliance with statutory requirement for entitlement), 80-29c

Griffin v. Richardson (proof of age -- conflicting evidence evaluation), 75-15c

Grosswald v. Schweiker (work deductions -- trade or business -- consulting services), 82-17c

Hammond v. Secretary, Health, Education, and Welfare (supplemental security income -- eligibility -- excess income -- deeming of income from a stepparent), 82-25c

Hancock v. Weinberger (parent's insurance benefits -- one-half support), 75-26c

Hansen, Schweiker v. (application -- oral inquiry about benefits -- nonestoppel of Administration), 81-29c

Harbold v. Richardson (disability insured status, prison work exclusion), 73-47c

Harper v. Secretary of Health and Human Services (authority of Appeals Council to dismiss a request for hearing for a reason for which the Administrative Law Judge could have dismissed the request -- res judicata), 95-2c

Hatch v. Heckler (disability -- reduction of benefits upon receipt of lump-sum workers' compensation settlement), 87-20c

Hayes v. Schweiker (relationship -- presumption of the validity of the last marriage -- Georgia), 85-4c

Hellberg v. Celebrezze (deductions, transfer of business), 66-18c (Rescinded)

Henry v. Gardner (disability, break in continuity of disability), 68-64c

Hernandez v. Secretary of HEW (self-employment income, evidence), 70-55c

Hill v. Califano (net earnings from self-employment, rentals from real estate, services to tenant), 78-1c

Hoffman v. Ribicoff (farm self-employment), 63-45c

Holley v. Mathews (child's insurance benefits, definition of stepchild, dependency upon wage earner while natural father living), 78-19c

Hollman v. Dept. of HHS (self-employment income -- correction of earnings record after expiration of time limitation), 84-2c

Hopkins v. Cohen (attorney's fees), 68-61c

Hudson, Sullivan v. (attorney fees -- administrative proceedings considered part of civil action -- Equal Access to Justice Act), 92-5c

Jacobson v. Weinberger (recomputation of benefits, actuarially reduced benefits), 77-27c

Jimenez et al. v. Weinberger (bar to entitlement of illegitimate child born subsequent to onset of wage earner's disability), 75-4c

Jobst v. Califano (child's insurance benefits, termination, marriage of disabled child to nonbeneficiary, constitutionality), 78-10c

Johnson v. Weinberger (applications, filing prerequisite to entitlement, retroactivity and estoppel), 79-2c

Johnson v. Weinberger (black lung benefits, services by miner as employee prerequisite for eligibility), 76-24c

Jones v. Celebrezze (parent's, support requirement), 66-15c

Jones v. Harris (disability insurance benefits -- inability to perform previous work -- existence of unskilled sedentary jobs), 82-35c

Joyce v. Mathews (wages, bona fide employment, exclusion of real estate rentals from coverage), 78-28c

Judkins v. Richardson (disabled child, marriage to old-age insurance beneficiary prior to entitlement as child), 73-18c

Kane v. Weinberger (services as manufacturers' representative), 75-3c

Kaplan v. Richardson (disability insured status, Federal civilian overtime payments), 76-3c

Keller v. Gardner (withdrawal of application after adjudication), 67-36c

Kenney v. Bowen (relationship -- presumption of legitimacy of child born during wedlock -- disavowal of paternity), 89-8c

King v. Secretary of HEW (child, equitable adoption), 65-20c

Kirk, et al. v. Secretary of HHS (disability insurance benefits, vocational factors regulations), 83-47c

Koshinski v. Weinberger (black lung benefits, benefits to sister, support and dependency), 77-7c

Kutchman v. Cohen (disability, ability to work), 70-56c

Lackey v. Gardner (evidence, burden of proof), 69-57c

Ladner v. Secretary (disability, workmen's compensation offset), 71-34c

Lagtapon v. Secretary (parent's benefits, exclusion of Philippine army service), 74-26c

Lahr v. Richardson (termination of benefits, disappearance of beneficiary), 72-1c

Lamb v. Weinberger (rental property income exclusion -- computation of net earnings from self-employment), 75-18c

Lasch v. Richardson (finality of decision, earnings record correction), 72-55c

Leikind v. Schweiker (insured status, assignment of quarters of coverage in the year of death, constitutionality), 83-24c

Lewis & Hicks, U.S.A. v. (representation of claimant, fee for services, violation), 65-33c

Lieberman v. Califano (childhood disability benefits -- requirements for entitlement -- onset of disability prior to age 22), 80-4c

Long v. Weinberger (black lung benefits, disability), 76-5c

Lucas v. Mathews (child's insurance benefits, eligibility of illegitimate child, living with or contributing support), 77-2c

Luke for Luke v. Bowen (relationship -- child born outside of wedlock -- inheritance from father), 89-9c

Lynch v. Bowen (relationship -- common-law marriage), 90-2c

Maloney v. Celebrezze (rentals from real estate -- services to tenants of office building), 65-28c

Mann v. Heckler (disability insurance benefits -- reduction of benefits -- proration of lump-sum workers' compensation settlements), 87-21c

Marcello v. Bowen (benefits -- nonpayment of benefits because of deportation), 87-12c

Mares v. Heckler (family relationships -- recognition of common-law marriage -- Texas), 86-13c

Martin v. Sullivan (work deductions -- questionable retirement -- extent and value of services), 91-1c (Rescinded)

Martinez v. Mathews (nonpayment of benefits, deportation, constitutionality), 78-21c

Mason v. Califano (child's insurance benefits, full-time student, enrollment in correspondence course, estoppel), 79-13c

Mathews, Heckler v. (husband's insurance benefits -- Government pension offset -- constitutionality of the exception provision), 84-14c

Maxwell, Celebrezze v. (farm rental income), 64-25c

McCunney v. Gardner (judicial review), 67-39c

McFerren v. Califano (mother's insurance benefits -- family relationships, recognition of common-law marriage), 79-23c

McKenzie v. Bowen (reduction of retroactive title II benefits under the windfall offset provision -- concurrent title II/title XVI claims), 87-9c

McMahon v. Califano (child's insurance benefits, reentitlement, marriage as a bar to reentitlement, constitutionality), 79-29c

McMahon v. Heckler (deductions -- exclusion of traveling or other expenses from wages), 87-3c

Melkonyan v. Sullivan (attorney fees under the Equal Access to Justice Act), 92-3c

Menendez, Gardner v. (attorney's fees), 67-54c

Miller v. Flemming (employee of political subdivision, coverage), 63-52c

Miller v. Ribicoff (State court order as to marital status), 62-62c

Miller v. Ribicoff (status as child), 63-50c

Miller v. Richardson (work deductions, substantial services), 72-21c

Monger v. Bowen (judicial review -- appeal from Administration's refusal to reopen prior final decision), 88-1c

Moorhead v. United States (coverage -- status of service performed by certain alien agricultural workers lawfully in the U.S.), 86-11c

Moots v. Secretary of HEW (relationship, validity of marriage), 66-12c

Morris for Morris v. Bowen (child's insurance benefits -- determination of status of child -- contract to adopt -- Texas), 88-5c

Munce v. Mathews (child's benefits, overpayments, over age 18 no longer student), 76-20c

Munsinger v. Schweiker (disability -- reduction of benefits due to receipt of a lump-sum workers' compensation settlement -- finality of decision -- reopening for error of law), 85-6c

Murga, Ramon v. Secretary (special age 72 payments, application and Puerto Rican residence requirements), 74-27c

Musselman v. Gardner (employer-employee relationship), 69-37c

Myers, John G. v. Richardson (cessation of disability, issues determinable by Secretary in single hearing), 74-6c

Nestor, Flemming v. (termination of benefits, deportation), SSCD 60-1

New v. Harris (disability insurance benefits -- inability to perform previous work -- administrative notice of the existence of other work), 82-34c

Nieves v. Secretary (disability, workmen's compensation benefits), 70-45c

Norton v. Mathews (child's insurance benefits, eligibility of illegitimate child, living with or contributing support), 77-2c

O'Brient, Celebrezze v. (substantial gainful activity), 64-47c

Odle v. Secretary of Health and Human Services (disability -- loss of use of limb prevents performance of past work -- "employability" immaterial in determining ability to do other work), 87-11c

Olson v. Bowen (family relationships -- recognition of common-law marriage), 89-11c

Overbey v. Heckler (work deductions -- child's insurance benefits -- charging excess earnings in a termination grace year), 85-2c

Owens et al., Bowen v. (widow(er)'s insurance benefits -- nonentitlement of survviving divorced spouses who remarried after age 60 -- constitutionality of former provisions), 87-7c

Park v. Celebrezze (farm income, material participation), 65-9c

Pasquales v. Finch (finality of decision), 71-2c

Patterson v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue (excusions from self-employment -- services exempted on religious grounds -- constitutionality), 85-12c

Perales v. Richardson (disability, hearsay medical evidence -- use of medical advisers), 71-53c

Perez v. Finch (duration of marriage), 71-21c

Perez v. Schweiker (supplemental security income -- eligibility -- expenses of obtaining income -- deeming of income from ineligible spouse), 84-4c

Phillips, Beulah v. Richardson (disabled widow's ability to engage in any gainful activity), 74-31c

Philpott, Doris and Wilkes, Wm. v. Essex County Welfare Board (levy or attachment of benefits prohibited), 73-22c

Pinkelman v. Secretary of HEW (legitimation under State civil code), 65-36c

Pleasant v. Richardson (earnings record, revisions after time limitation), 73-6c

Posnack v. Secretary of HHS (overpayment -- recovery or adjustment -- defeat the purpose of title II -- against equity and good conscience), 87-16c

Poss v. Ribicoff (extent and value of services -- wages), 63-42c

Price v. Heckler (disability insurance benefits -- five-month waiting period -- constitutionality), 85-20c

Public Agencies Opposed to Social Security Entrapment et al., Bowen et al. v. (State and local employment -- nonterminability of coverage agreements -- constitutionality), 87-10c

Purganan v. Harris (annulment of a voidable marriage -- reinstatement of child's insurance benefits), 81-11c

Rahman v. Harris (judicial review -- attorney's fee fixed by Administration -- constitutionality), 82-19c

Randolph v. U.S.A. (attorney's fees), 68-47c

Rice, Frank William v. Commissioner (employer-employee relationship -- self-employment -- status of advertising salesman), 85-11c

Rocker v. Celebrezze (validity of divorce -- domicile), 67-10c

Rodrigues v. Heckler (disability insurance benefits -- evaluation of claimant's subjective complaints and credibility -- applicability of the medical-vocational guidelines), 87-19c

Rosen v. Celebrezze (request for hearing, time limitation), 65-26c

Salfi, et al. v. Weinberger (mother's and child's insurance benefits, 9-month duration of marriage requirement, failure to exhaust administrative remedies), 75-24c

Sampayan v. Mathews (hearings and appeals, place of hearing), 77-3c

Samson v. U.S. (coverage -- services of members of religious orders who work for third parties), 85-10c

Sanchez v. Schweiker (disability, beginning of waiting period), 83-4c

Sanders v. Califano (judicial review, appeal from refusal to reopen prior final decision), 77-28c

Sandlin v. Celebrezze (parent's, support requirement), 68-4c

Schaefer, Shalala v. (timely filing for attorney's fees under the Equal Access to Justice Act), 94-3c

Schipani v. Heckler (self-employment -- evidence -- burden of proof -- need for corroborative evidence of reported earnings), 86-4c

Schultz v. Celebrezze (effect of State court findings of paternity), 67-32c

Schwidder v. Califano (hearings and appeals, selection of hearings examiners), 79-3c

Schneider v. Richardson (representation of claimant, attorney's fees), 72-14c

Selman v. Califano (employer-employee relationship -- status of airline pilots), 82-3c

Shaw, Della, on behalf of Stacia Anne Roberts, a minor v. Heckler (child's insurance benefits -- stepchild -- dependency requirement), 87-1c

Siler v. Heckler (judicial review -- attorney's fee fixed by Administration -- constitutionality), 86-10c

Silverman v. Celebrezze (lump-sum death payment), 66-16c

Silverman v. Secretary, HEW (self-employment, nonprofessional fiduciary in administering relative's estate), 76-31c

Simonsen v. Secretary, Health and Human Services (disability insurance benefits -- inability to perform previous work -- existence of other performable work), 82-36c

Slessinger v. Secretary of Health and Human Services (termination of subsequent marriage -- purported foreign divorce -- choice of law -- domicile), 88-15c

Sliman v. Celebrezze (work deductions, substantial services in self- employment), 65-41c

Small v. Weinberger (black lung benefits, employment in a coke yard not appurtenant to a coal mine), 76-37c

Smaltz v. Ribicoff (application -- oral inquiry), 63-37c

Smith v. Califano (supplemental security income -- disposition of underpayment), 80-34c

Smith, Griffin, and Johnson v. Califano (supplemental security income -- in-kind unearned income -- reduction of benefits due to receipt of a rental subsidy -- constitutionality), 82-9c

Snell, Secretary of HEW v. (coverage, school bus drivers), 70-14c

State of Indiana v. Finch (jail cooks of Allen and Vigo Counties), 73-17c

State of Nebraska v. Richardson (constables, justices of the peace, and registrars of vital statistics), 73-58c

State of New Mexico v. Weinberger (State and local coverage, University of New Mexico, wages), 76-22c

State of Oklahoma, et al. v. Schweiker (supplemental security income -- pass-through provision -- constitutionality), 82-29c

State of West Virginia v. Richardson (coverage, policemen of City of New Martinsville), 72-35c

Stavropoulos v. Ribicoff (substantial services in self-employment), 64-38c

Steimer v. Gardner (disability, special insured status requirements), 69-38c

Stephens v. Harris (supplemental security income -- disability -- combination of impairments -- ability to do light work), 81-35c

Sterner v. Finch (special age 72 payments), 70-23c

Stevens v. Gardner (judicial review, appeal from refusal to reopen), 68-58c

Stokes v. Heckler (relationship -- presumption of the validity of the last marriage -- Arkansas), 87-5c

Stone v. Heckler (relationship -- stepchildren -- duration requirement -- accidental death of worker), 85-13c

Stowers v. Finch (dependency of adopted child), 71-43c

Stroh v. Celebrezze (statute of limitations, correction of earnings record), 65-42c

Swain v. Schweiker (disability, reduction of benefits, workmen's compensation benefits paid under Florida law), 83-29c

Tarvin v. Bowen (overpayment -- without fault -- waiver of recovery and adjustment), 88-6c

Taylor v. Finch (disability insured status, railroad service credit), 70-20c

Taylor v. Flemming (compliance with statutory condition precedent), 64-18c

Taylor v. Schweiker (disability insurance benefits -- ability to perform sedentary work -- constitutionality of the medical-vocational guidelines), 82-47c

Terrell v. Finch (remarriage before age 60), 70-19c

Thompson v. Richardson (finality of decision, earnings record correction), 72-54c

Tillman v. Richardson (disability, retroactivity of application), 72-63c

Torrance v. Weinberger (self-employment, deductions, substantial services), 76-21c

Totten v. Heckler (supplemental security income -- emergency advance payment actions -- inapplicability of administrative and judicial review), 86-3c

Townsley v. Weinberger (disability insurance benefits, insured status, constitutionality), 78-22c

Turner v. Harris (disability insurance benefits -- inability to perform previous work -- administrative notice of the existence of other work), 82-34c

Tyndall, Gardner v. (work deductions), 68-6c

Tyson v. Heckler (employment -- exclusion of service in employ of parent -- constitutionality of exclusion), 85-26c

United States v. Lee (employment -- coverage of work for Amish employers), 82-44c

Vacchio v. Heckler (coverage of work for U.S. instrumentalities -- employees of the civilian conservation corps), 87-18c

Vaughn v. Mathews (disability, reduction of benefits due to receipt of workermen's compensation), 76-34c

Veronie v. Secretary (disability, recovery of overpayment), 72-28c

Vickers v. Harris (supplemental security income -- marital relationship based on living together in the same household -- constitutionality), 81-4c

Viger v. Celebrezze (deductions, transfer of business), 65-23c

Village of Palatine v. Califano (State and local coverage -- coverage of policemen and firemen -- Illinois -- constitutionality), 80-3c

Walker v. Finch (dependency of stepchild), 71-11c

Watson and Plank v. Celebrezze (attorney's fees, judicial review), 66-19c

Watts v. Celebrezze (application, withdrawal), 64-33c

Weber v. Mathews (judicial review, referral of Social Security cases to U.S. magistrates), 76-14c

Weinberger, Sullivan v. (survivors benefits, evidence of death, 7-year absence), 76-1c

Weisbrod v. Sullivan (representation of claimant -- attorney fees), 90-3c

Wiesenfeld v. Weinberger (survivors insurance benefits -- deprivation of due process), 75-13c

Whitehead v. Richardson (representation of claimant, attorney's fees), 72-31c

Whiteside v. Secretary of Health and Human Services (retirement benefits -- excess earnings in grace year -- monthly earnings test -- scope of review -- exhaustion of administrative appeals), 88-16c

Whitt v. Califano (black lung benefits -- representation of claimant -- fixing amount of attorney's fees -- administrative and court proceedings), 80-20c

Wieszczak v. Secretary (disability, age 21 to 31 provision), 72-45c

Williamson v. Celebrezze (validity of corporate enterprise), 66-31c

Wilson v. Heckler (disability insurance benefits -- entitlement -- eligibility of "grandfatherees" for supplemental security income benefits not determinative), 86-5c

Wilson, et al., Schweiker v. (supplemental security income -- eligibility due to institutional status -- constitutioinality), 81-34c

Woodson v. Schweiker (supplemental security income -- reduction of benefits because of receipt of both in-kind income and deemed income -- constitutionality), 84-12c

Yamasaki, Califano v. (recovery of overpayment, prerecoupment oral hearings), 79-30c

Yoder v. Harris (self-employment income -- correction of earnings record after expiration of time limitation), 82-20c

Yount v. Weinberger (parent's benefits, relationship under State law), 74-25c

Yuckert, Bowen v. (disability -- validity of the severity of impairment regulation), 88-3c

Zebley, Sullivan v. (supplemental security income -- disability standards for children), 91-7c

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