Salesman, independent contractor, self-employment, SSR 85-11c

Salesman, real estate, SSR 62-31

Salesman, securities, status as employee, SSR 72-58

School attendance, child temporarily absent from parent's home, SSR 82-11

School attendance, full-time, SSR 68-69, SSR 68-14

School records, proof of age, SSR 72-19c, SSR 72-02c

Seamen, incapacitated, unearned income, SSR 80-21

Securities salesmen, status as employee, SSR 72-58

Self-employed miner, pneumoconiosis, SSR 73-24

Self-employment income:

administering relative's estate, nonprofessional fiduciary, SSR 76-31c
administrator of estate, SSR 60-27, SSR 61-43, SSR 63-46
baby-sitter, SSR 61-27
business operated by guardian, SSR 61-62
corporate officer, work deductions, extent and value of services, SSR 82-16
correction attempt after time limitation expired, SSR 76-32c, SSR 78-20c, SSR 82-20c
correction of earnings record after expiration of time limitation, SSR 84-02c, AR 86-20(6)
deductions on account of work, SSR 76-21c
deportation, nonpayment of benefits, SSR 83-32
earnings, corroborative evidence, SSR 70-55c, SSR 86-04c
earnings, employment as a sales representative, SSR 82-02
excess earnings, deductions from monthly benefits, SSR 72-05c
exclusion of pre-1965 physician services, SSR 74-12c
exclusion of rental property income, status of guaranteed payments from a partnership, SSR 85-19a
exclusions, exempted on religious grounds, SSR 83-02a, SSR 85-12c
gross income from agricultural enterprise, nonproduction payment, SSR 72-47
husband-wife partnership, SSR 73-32
independent contractor, status of advertising salesman, SSR 85-11c
life insurance agent beneficiary, SSR 71-22
ministers, coverage of ministerial services performed outside the United States, SSR 83-41c
musician, itinerant, SSR 64-40
net earnings from self-employment, SSR 79-14a, SSR 81-17c
notary public, SSR 62-51
nurse, SSR 62-30
partnership, SSR 62-17, SSR 64-09
part-time retired insurance representative, SSR 87-14a
real estate salesman, SSR 62-31
renewal commissions of casualty insurance salesmen, SSR 88-09a
rental property exclusion, SSR 75-18c
rental value of parsonage included in net earnings, SSR 72-06
rentals from real estate, services to tenant, SSR 85-18
rentals from real estate, services to tenants of mobile home parks, SSR 86-12
royalties, SSR 62-49, SSR 75-19
salesman's commission included in net earnings, SSR 73-14
substantial services, SSR 71-13c, SSR 72-21c, SSR 89-07c
trade or business, consulting services, SSR 89-04c
treatment of carry over crop sales, SSR 79-14a
treatment of income, services performed in a prior year, SSR 84-08a, SSR 88-08c
writing activities, SSR 67-52

Sequential evaluation process, SSR 86-08, AR 90-03(4)

Services performed in a prior year, treatment of income, SSR 84-08a

Severity of impairment regulation, validity, SSR 88-03c

Sheltered workshop:

services as employee, SSR 69-60, SSR 77-05
services as patient, SSR 77-05

Sibling claimant for black lung benefits, SSR 74-33, SSR 77-07c, SSR 77-19c

Sick pay, status as wages, SSR 72-56

Simultaneous entitlement to more than one type of benefit, SSR 64-16, SSR 69-13, SSR 69-05

Social Security numbers, SSR 79-18

Soil bank payments, SSR 61-28, SSR 63-19c

Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act, SSR 61-40

Special age 72 payments:

alien, 5-year continuous residence requirement, SSR 72-27
disability retired pay of veteran, SSR 67-28
eligibility for governmental pension, SSR 68-78, SSR 68-36, SSR 68-13, SSR 70-23c
Puerto Rican residence requirements, SSR 74-27c
reduction due to commutation of periodic pension, SSR 68-52
voluntary deposits for teacher's annuity not cause for offset, SSR 68-37

State and local coverage:

accident disability payments reported as wages, New York, SSR 78-02
California, city of Santa Rosa employees, SSR 73-57
Commissioner's ruling on definition of a "fee," SSR 92-04p
Connecticut, transfer of positions from covered to noncovered retirement system, SSR 74-05
coverage of employee, SSR 63-51c
effective date of coverage, Ohio, SSR 77-16
employee granted educational leave, SSR 71-06
employees in positions compensated by fees, SSR 68-23
employer identity, Intergovernmental Personnel Act of 1970, SSR 72-33
employment after retirement, SSR 63-52c
excluding offset against disability benefits, SSR 83-09
interest assessment for failure to timely pay contributions, SSR 73-56, SSR 73-55, SSR 74-30, SSR 75-28
jail cooks, Allen and Vigo Counties, Indiana, SSR 65-57, SSR 73-17c
justice of the peace, services and wages, Pennsylvania, SSR 77-17
Louisiana, school bus drivers, SSR 70-14c
Missouri, services and fees of public and deputy public administrators, wage status, SSR 72-36
Missouri, sheltered workshops, status of services in, SSR 77-05
Nebraska, status of constables, justices of the peace, and registrars of vital statistics, SSR 73-58c
Pennsylvania, services as school dentist, SSR 73-54
Pennsylvania, tradesman's services, independent contractor status, SSR 72-34
policemen and firemen, Illinois, constitutionality, SSR 80-03c
policemen, city of New Martinsville, West Virginia, SSR 72-35c
resident doctor, application of student services exclusion, AR 98-5(8)
resident doctor, monies paid by hospital, Arizona, SSR 78-03
sick pay, status as wages, SSR 72-56, SSR 86-18a
status of remuneration paid to public employees absent from work due to illness, SSR 79-31
termination of coverage, SSR 68-77, SSR 87-10c
uniform allowances, status as wages, SSR 70-43
wage-sick pay, SSR 76-22c

State assistance based on need partly financed by Federal funds, unearned income, SSR 81-14

State assistance, pass through provisions, SSI, SSR 82-29c

State court order, effect on finding of Secretary, SSR 62-62c, SSR 65-34c

State court order of paternity, effect on Secretary's determination, SSR 67-32c

State disability determinations not binding on Secretary, "grandfatherees," SSI, SSR 86-05c

State nonclaim statutes, U.S. not barred, liability of legatee of an estate, SSR 86-02

State requirement and evidence, establishment of paternity entered in action against deceased person, California, SSR 77-11

Status of a concubine, widow's insurance benefits, SSR 88-07c

Status of airline pilots, SSR 82-03c

Status of work for a church exempt from income tax, SSR 89-02a


definition, AR 86-16(2), AR 86-12(9)
dependency, change in support situation, SSR 71-11c
dependency on wage earner while natural father living, SSR 78-19c
duration requirement, accidental death of worker, SSR 85-13c
invalid ceremonial marriage, child's insurance benefits, SSR 77-01c
relationship, SSR 60-09, SSR 61-52, SSR 67-32c, SSR 69-55, SSR 70-03
relationship, stepgrandchild, SSR 83-38a
termination of entitlement, SSR 73-26c

Stepgrandchild or grandchild, SSR 73-41

Stepparent, deeming of income, eligibility, SSI, SSR 82-25c


absent from parent's home due to school attendance, SSR 82-11
attendance at two educational institutions simultaneously, SSR 68-14
deemed full-time attendance, SSR 68-69
enrollment in correspondence course, SSR 79-13c
nonattendance period, SSR 76-19
period of nonattendance, SSR 79-19
work-study program, SSR 67-49

Substantial gainful activity:

ability to engage in, SSR 64-47c, SSR 70-56c, SSR 76-04a, SSR 87-06, SSR 87-11c
after reentitlement period, AR 93-02(2)
averaging of earnings, SSR 83-35
capability to do other work, SSR 83-11, SSR 83-10
constitutionality of provision, disabled widow, SSR 74-31c
deducting impairment-related work expenses from earnings, SSR 84-26
disabled child, averaging of earnings from employment, SSR 85-05c
duration of impairment, SSR 82-52
duration of inability to engage in substantial gainful activity, SSR 73-07c
employees, use of earnings guidelines, gross vs. net earnings, impairment-related work expenses, SSR 83-33
entitlement to benefits where a person returns to work less than 12 months after onset of disability, AR 88-03(7)
evaluation of work activity of self-employed persons, SSR 83-34
existence of jobs in national economy, SSR 82-63, SSR 82-62, SSR 87-19c, SSR 87-11c
existence of other performable work, SSR 82-36c
existence of unskilled sedentary jobs, SSR 82-35c
illegal activity as, SSR 94-01c
job or occupation as generally performed, SSR 82-61
return to work, overpayment, SSR 72-28c
subsidized workshop, SSR 83-33
substantial work activity, discontinued or reduced, unsuccessful work attempt, SSR 84-25
work performance, SSR 64-32, SSR 65-62
work therapy programs in military service, work activity in certain government-sponsored programs, SSR 84-24

Substantial services:

deductions, SSR 76-21
dental profession, time devoted to practice, SSR 72-21c
highly skilled and technical services, SSR 71-13c

Substantial services in self-employment, SSR 64-38c, SSR 65-41c, SSR 65-23c, SSR 65-06, SSR 66-18c, SSR 68-06c

Supplemental security income:

absence from public institutions, SSR 79-06
actions which are not initial determinations, SSR 78-32
alcoholism, SSR 80-05c, SSR 82-60
application of presumptive disability and blindness provision, SSR 78-31
burial prepaid, resources, SSR 76-09
cessation of, individual enrolled in VR program expected to recover medically, AR 86-05(9), AR 86-04(3)
computation of payments, deeming of income from a parent, SSR 85-27c
couple separates, SSR 76-28
deeming of income, SSR 82-11, SSR 84-04c
deeming of income from a stepparent, AR 99-1(2)
deeming of income from ineligible spouse, allocations for ineligible children, ineligible child defined, SSR 82-28a
definition of income, a check from a relative for taxes on the claimant's home, SSR 81-22
designated expenses, workers' compensation, SSR 94-02p
determining medical equivalence in childhood disability claims when child has marked limitations in cognition and speech, SSR 98-1p
disability, combination of impairments, ability to do light work, SSR 81-35c
disability standards for children, SSR 91-07c
effect of prior disability findings on adjudication of subsequent claim, AR 94-02(4)
eligibility, deeming of income and resources from an alien's sponsor, SSR 82-37
eligibility due to institutional status, constitutionality, SSR 81-34c
eligibility, excess income, deeming of income from a parent, SSR 81-21, SSR 82-25c
eligibility for one member of a couple previously declared ineligible due to excess income, SSR 79-07
eligibility of "grandfatherees," DIB, SSR 86-05c
emergency advance payment actions, inapplicability of administrative and judicial review, SSR 86-03c
evaluation of a rental subsidy as in-kind income for benefit calculation purposes, AR 90-02(2)
evaluation of disability and blindness in initial claims for individuals age 65 or older, SSR 99-3p, SSR 03-3p
excess income, termination of benefits, SSR 95-4c
exclusion from income of assistance based on need furnished by any State or political subdivision, SSR 79-10
exclusion from resources, land appurtenant to home, SSR 89-03a
filing date, SSI claim based on an oral inquiry, uniform time limits, SSR 80-17
gift of an airline ticket, definition of income, SSR 80-22
hearings and appeals, abandonment effect, SSR 76-43
"highly marketable skills" offset disadvantage advancing age may present in obtaining employment, AR 95-1(6)
illegal activity as substantial gainful activity, SSR 94-01c
inability to perform past relevant work, AR 93-01(4)
income -- when inheritances become income, SSI, SSR 97-1p
in-kind income and deemed income, reduction of benefits, constitutionality, SSR 84-12c
in-kind unearned income, reduction of benefits due to receipt of a rental subsidy, constitutionality, SSR 82-09c
inmate of a public institution, SSR 79-06
institutionalized claimant, SSR 76-07, SSR 77-20, SSR 77-10
loan policy, applicability to advances of food and/or shelter, SSR 92-08p
marital relationship, SSR 76-27
marital relationship based on living together in the same household, constitutionality, SSR 81-04c
nonexcludable resources, property agreements, SSR 82-06, SSR 83-30a
offset provision, applicability, attorney fees, SSR 86-09c
overpayment, adjustment or recovery, recipient convicted of criminal charges, SSR 84-23
overpayments, liability of a representative payee, waiver of adjustment or recovery, SSR 84-06a
pass-through provision, constitutionality, SSR 82-29c
payee changes, reissued title II benefits, SSR 78-05
payment of benefits to an eligible couple, eligible individual and eligible spouse separate, SSR 88-11c
proration after period of ineligibility due to stay in institution, SSR 86-07a
provision for withholding attorney fees from past-due title II benefits not applicable to title XVI payments, SSR 88-10c
real property resources, SSR 80-12
receipts from lands held in trust for certain Indian tribes excluded from income and resources, SSR 79-28
reopening a decision, res judicata, SSR 80-33
reopening determinations at any time, SSR 85-23
resources, exclusion, SSR 78-17
resources, real property, SSR 82-26
resources, refundable contributions to the civil service retirement fund, SSR 81-36
resources, status of a debt as an encumbrance in determining equity value, SSR 81-37
restriction on disposal of real property, SSR 80-12
retroactive benefits paid under an interim assistance agreement, SSR 87-09c
right to subpoena an examining physician for cross-examination purposes, AR 91-01(5)
service allotments, unearned income, SSR 76-18
spouse eligible, definition, SSR 76-41
State plans used for "grandfathering" of resources, SSR 79-21
support and maintenance, private nonprofit institution, SSR 78-33
treatment of assistance to repair or replace excluded resources which are lost, damaged, or stolen, SSR 80-26
treatment of Veterans Administration payments to SSI fiduciaries, SSR 94-05p
underpayment, recipient died in nursing home, SSR 76-10
underpayments, disposition, SSR 80-34c
unearned income based on need, VA pension, SSR 78-04
unearned income, disability benefits, SSR 82-23
unearned income, fees for right-of-way over Indian land, SSR 87-22a
unearned income, grazing fees, SSR 82-27a
unearned income, in-kind support and maintenance, claimant resides in a public assistance household, SSR 81-24
unearned income, maintenance allowances paid to incapacitated seamen, SSR 80-21
unearned income, Social Security benefits subject to garnishment for child support or alimony, SSR 82-38
unearned income, State assistance based on need partly financed by Federal funds, SSR 81-14
unearned income, support and maintenance, SSR 80-33
unearned income, support and maintenance, rental subsidy, SSR 81-23c
unearned income, value of lodging furnished for employer's convenience on employer's premises as a condition of employment, SSR 90-04a
workers' compensation, designated expenses, SSR 94-02p

Support and Dependency (see Dependency and Support)

Support and maintenance, in-kind, res judicata, SSI, SSR 80-33

Support and maintenance, private nonprofit institution, SSI, SSR 78-33

Support and maintenance, rental subsidy, SSI, SSR 81-23c

Support and maintenance, res judicata, unearned income, SSI, SSR 80-33

Support, validity of relevant period, SSR 71-11c

Surviving divorced wife, SSR 67-55, SSR 81-02, SSR 87-07c, SSR 87-05c

Surviving minor children, SSR 87-08

Surviving spouse defined, SSR 65-11

Survivors insurance benefits, conviction of second-degree manslaughter, Kentucky, SSR 89-06c

Survivors insurance benefits, legitimacy, presumptions and proof, South Carolina, SSR 81-10c

Survivors insurance benefits, widower with minor child in his care, SSR 75-13c

Suspension of benefits:

inmates of penal institutions, constitutionality, SSR 83-28c, SSR 87-02a
person convicted of a felony, SSR 83-21

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