agricultural labor, SSR 70-11
agricultural labor, payment in kind, SSR 70-10, SSR 95-3p
allowance for travel, SSR 63-18
alternative method for determining quarters of coverage, 1937-1950 period, SSR 70-1
annuity purchased through payroll deductions, SSR 64-59
back pay under a statute to an employee after age 62, SSR 83-7
bonus, SSR 60-26
constructive payment, SSR 73-42, SSR 73-20
corporate officer, SSR 73-42, SSR 73-12
deferred compensation payments, SSR 73-30, SSR 75-2
domestic service excluded, SSR 76-12c
domestic service, identity of employer, SSR 62-29, SSR 72-57
domestic service in private home of son, SSR 73-31
evidence to correct earnings record, SSR 62-11
excess earnings, deductions from monthly benefits, SSR 72-05c
exclusion, employed by spouse, SSR 74-03a
exclusion of real estate rentals from coverage, SSR 78-28c
expenses of salesman exclusion, SSR 76-33
family employment, SSR 76-13a
Federal agency determination, SSR 64-24c
fees, public officers or employees, SSR 69-61
military, effect of benefit awarded by another Federal agency, SSR 82-22
noncash payment exclusion, SSR 67-41a
paid after worker's death, SSR 64-8
railroad compensation, SSR 61-25, SSR 62-14
renewal commissions of life insurance agent beneficiary, SSR 71-22
report of earnings information, meaning of information, SSR 84-17
retirement pay, SSR 62-9
retroactive coverage for members of religious orders, SSR 74-18
services and fees of public and deputy public administrators, SSR 72-36
services, extent and value, SSR 63-42c, SSR 66-31c
services of justice of the peace, SSR 77-17
sick or disability pay, SSR 78-2
sick pay, SSR 72-56
State and local, sick pay, SSR 76-22c, SSR 86-18a
status of remuneration paid to public employees absent from work due to illness, SSR 79-31
stipend payments to employee granted educational leave, SSR 71-6
uniform allowances, payment in kind, SSR 70-43
vacation pay, SSR 62-10

Waiting period, disability, SSR 65-62, SSR 83-04c


adjustment or recovery, SSR 81-19a, SSR 84-06a, SSR 84-09a, SSR 88-06c
benefits, services exempted on religious grounds, exclusions from self-employment, SSR 83-02a
civil service annuity, SSR 62-52
inapplicability provisions, recovery of erroneous payments made after death, SSR 85-09c
liability of auxiliary beneficiaries, SSR 85-25a
personal appearance at a hearing, SSR 79-19
recovery, effect of benefit awarded by another Federal agency, military service wage credits, SSR 82-22
recovery, status of travel expenses, without fault, SSR 74-28
right to hearing, SSR 72-02c
unrepresented claimants who lack the mental competence to request administrative review, AR 90-04(4)

Washington, excluding legal expenses due to receipt of workers' compensation, SSR 94-6

Widow, miner's black lung benefits, SSR 72-66, SSR 72-65, SSR 72-41, SSR 73-36, SSR 75-12c

Widower's insurance benefits:

benefit rates for widowers who remarry after attaining age 60, SSR 80-6
child in his care, equal protection claim, SSR 75-13c
delayed credit for widows or widowers, SSR 79-26
dependency requirement, constitutionality, SSR 77-26c

Widow's insurance benefits:

affinity, deemed valid marriage, SSR 80-1a
annulment of divorce, SSR 65-56
application requirement, SSR 66-17c
benefit rates for widows who remarry after attaining age 60, SSR 80-6
black lung, miner's death accidental, SSR 76-36c
black lung payments after annulment of marriage, SSR 76-15
common-law marriage, termination, conditions for entitlement, SSR 77-32
deemed marriage provisions, SSR 69-27a
deemed widow, legal widow, entitled on same deceased person's earnings record, AR 86-2R(2), AR 86-19R(11), AR 86-18R(5)
delayed credit for widows or widowers, SSR 79-26
determination of benefit amount, worker entitled to reduced old-age insurance benefits prior to death, SSR 86-1a
disability benefits subject to workmen's compensation, SSR 69-24
disabled, immediate appealability of a court remand order, SSR 91-2c
duration of marriage requirement, SSR 71-21c, SSR 72-52, SSR 81-2
entitlement as spouse of deemed marriage and as legal widow, SSR 71-55, SSR 80-1a
family relationships, status of a concubine, SSR 88-7c
first cousins, SSR 80-1a
foreign proxy marriage, validity, SSR 71-44
marriage requisite, SSR 69-21a
presumption of validity of last marriage, SSR 68-63, SSR 85-4c
recomputation, SSR 62-66
relationship, validity of a Haitian divorce, estoppel, Texas, SSR 91-4
remarriage before age 60, SSR 70-19c
status of deemed spouse, family relationship, SSR 80-9c
surviving divorced wife, duration of marriage, SSR 67-55
surviving divorced wife, restrictions on the retroactivity of an application, reduced benefits, SSR 83-45a
validity of divorce, SSR 70-21
validity of divorce under State law, SSR 72-62
validity of marriage after removal of impediment, Illinois, SSR 83-40
validity of marriage of mentally retarded individual -- New York, SSR 80-8
validity of Mexican divorce, SSR 72-61
validity of the pooled-fund method, determining one-half support, SSR 89-1c
widow defined, SSR 67-8

Wife's insurance benefits:

deemed divorced wife, status, SSR 83-1a
divorced wife, 1965 amendments, SSR 69-1, SSR 87-7c
divorced wife under age 62 with child in her care, ineligibility, constitutionality, SSR 77-22c
finality of decision, reopening for fraud or similar fault, SSR 83-26a
government pension offset, SSR 82-15a
husband entitled to reduced benefit, SSR 62-21
in her care, child over age 18, SSR 63-1
mother of worker's child, SSR 63-47
one-half support, investment income, SSR 85-1
one-year duration-of-marriage requirement, SSR 67-58
reentitlement of divorced wife, amount before and after age 65, SSR 68-1
reinstatement, void divorce, SSR 72-51
simultaneous entitlement to old-age insurance benefits, SSR 69-13
validity of Mexican divorce, SSR 72-61
voidable underage marriage, effect on entitlement, SSR 72-49
wife of worker, SSR 62-57, SSR 67-58
wife under age 65 also entitled to disability benefits, SSR 64-16

Windfall offset provision, applicability, AR 88-04(1)

Windfall offset provision, order of effectuation, AR 92-01(3)

Wisconsin, social worker for Department of Welfare on educational leave, SSR 71-6

Withdrawal of application, SSR 64-33c, SSR 65-17, SSR 67-36c, SSR 86-15c

Withholding attorney fees from past-due title II benefits not applicable to title XVI payments, SSR 88-10c

Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC), SSR 60-16

Work availability test, disability, SSR 64-47c

Work activity:

averaging of earnings in determining whether work is substantial gainful activity, SSR 83-35
cessation date, continuing disability investigation, SSR 82-66
determination of substantial gainful activity for persons working in special circumstances, SSR 84-24
determining whether work is substantial gainful activity, employees, SSR 83-33
disability vocational rules applicable to persons who are limited to sedentary work, illiterate and unable to communicate in English, AR 86-03(5)
evaluation of self-employed persons, substantial gainful activity, SSR 83-34
inability to make an adjustment to do other work, SSR 82-63
past relevant work, SSR 82-61, SSR 82-62, AR 90-03(4)
substantial gainful activity, unsuccessful work attempt, reduced or discontinued, SSR 84-25

Work deductions:

applicability of lawsuit costs as a business expense, SSR 83-25c
back pay, age discrimination in employment, SSR 80-30a
constitutionality of retirement provision, SSR 72-05c
consulting services, trade or business, SSR 82-17c
corporate officer, earnings, extent and value of services, SSR 82-16
date of birth revised more than 4 years after initial determination, revision of benefit rate, SSR 82-45a
deductions from spouse's benefits because of worker's excess earnings, constitutionality, SSR 81-18c
deferred compensation, SSR 74-01a
determining annual earnings of life insurance agents, SSR 87-14a
excess earnings in a termination grace year, SSR 85-02c
good cause, failure to file timely report of earnings, SSR 73-43
questionable retirement, extent and value of services, SSR 88-12c, SSR 91-01c
renewal commissions of life insurance agent beneficiaries, SSR 71-22
renewal commissions of self-employed casualty insurance salesmen, SSR 88-09a
royalties, SSR 75-19
substantial services in self-employment, SSR 71-13c, SSR 72-21c, SSR 89-07c
travel expenses of salesman, SSR 74-28
treatment of income from self-employment attributable to services performed in a prior year, SSR 84-08a, SSR 88-08c

Workers' compensation:

death of miner, reduction of benefits inapplicable, SSR 72-66, SSR 72-65
designated expenses, SSI, SSR 94-02p
different impairments, reduced disability benefits, SSR 72-50
disability benefits paid after miner's death, SSR 72-41
disability reduction, SSR 76-34c
disability reduction, annuity awarded, SSR 81-32
disability, reduction of benefits paid under Florida law, SSR 83-29c
disability reduction, workmen's compensation benefits increased, SSR 80-14
futility of filing claim, railroad employee, SSR 72-42
inclusion of increases, and certain other public disability benefits in computing offset, SSR 82-68
interrupted compensation offset, SSR 79-20
legal expenses excluded, Washington, SSR 94-6
lump-sum payment of benefits paid into an irrevocable trust, SSR 81-20
lump-sum settlement, reduced disability benefits, SSR 71-45c, SSR 71-34c, SSR 71-15a, SSR 85-06c
offset of wage loss benefits, Florida, SSR 93-1
prorated lump-sum settlement, SSR 87-21c
prorated lump-sum settlement, Oregon, AR 95-2(9)
reduced disability benefits, constitutionality, SSR 72-37c
reduced disability insurance benefits, SSR 69-24, SSR 70-45c
reduction of benefits, treatment of certain lump-sum settlements under Iowa law, SSR 81-33
reduction of child's benefits upon worker's receipt of State compensation, SSR 74-09c
reduction of disability insurance benefits, Michigan statute, SSR 74-21c
seamen, benefits under Jones Act, SSR 70-57a
treatment of certain lump-sum settlements made under New Jersey law, SSR 82-5
volunteer firemen's benefit law, State of New York, SSR 82-4

Work skills and their transferability as intended by the expanded vocational factors regulations, SSR 82-41

Writing activity, SSR 67-52

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