Employee Benefits: Other


On-the-job training is provided throughout the Social Security Administration (SSA).   It covers needed knowledge and skills; i.e. clerical, technical, professional, managerial, etc., in accordance with established management priorities and availability of funds.


You are eligible for honorary and monetary awards that are granted to recognize superior accomplishments.

Counseling Services

Depending on your work location, counseling services are provided to assist employees with their career-related concerns and personal financial situations.  The Employee Assistance Program also provides direct counseling and referral, management consultation, supervisory training, employee education and outreach.

Child and Elder Care Services

Depending on your work location, child care services may be available to meet the needs of working parents at SSA.  Child Care Centers are designed with the children in mind and equipped with child-size furniture and facilities along with carefully selected playthings.

Elder Care services are provided to help employees recognize that they may be now or may become caregivers in the future and acquaints them with the many issues involved in care giving.  It puts employees in touch with a wide variety of community resources and services that can help them meet the needs of their elderly loved one.

Fitness / Wellness Center

Depending on your work location, a fitness/wellness center may be available to assist employees in maintaining and improving their overall health.  It emphasizes health education and encourages employees to develop positive health attitudes and personal lifestyle changes that can prevent future health problems.